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Mailboxes To Serve Hawaii Homes and Businesses

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Shipping anything to Hawaii is more expensive than it is in almost every other state, so it’s important to ensure the safe delivery of mail and packages, including those from the USPS. This means that the right mailboxes will need to keep mail secure, ensure swift delivery, and allow for convenient mail pickup for both homes and commercial properties.

With over a million people, Hawaii has over thirty thousand businesses. All need mail delivery, and several different types of mailboxes exist to meet these needs. There are solutions for USPS-delivered packages as well.

We are here to serve all of Hawaii’s islands as well as urban areas such as Honolulu, who may need more centralized mail delivery systems. We provide mailboxes for single-family homes, and also for property managers and developers who seek centralized mail delivery. If any mailbox repairs are needed, we also provide replacement parts ranging from doors to posts and everything in between.

USPS Approved Mailboxes for Hawaii Residents

All single-family homes need mail delivery. The good news is that these mailbox setups tend to be simple curbside mailboxes, which mount near driveways or across the road from homes, or wall-mounted mailboxes often found near front doors. Such mailboxes also work for small businesses.

Such mailboxes have simple installation requirements, and curbside mailboxes are a good choice for improving the curb appeal and value of a property. Many attractive models are available to suit the palette of any home. If a curbside mailbox breaks, it is often possible to replace only the broken part.

Wall-mounted mailboxes are less prone to damage but are best suited to smaller yards and areas where a USPS employee can walk from door to door to deliver mail. They also come in a variety of models.

Multi-family curbside boxes are also available. If mail theft is a concern, locking models are available for both types. Businesses and those who don’t check mail often may benefit from such models. They can even hold small packages.

USPS Approved Mailboxes for Hawaii Communities and Businesses

Centralized mailboxes typically work the best for communities such as apartments and retirement communities. They also work for commercial properties with more than one business.

The new 4C mailboxes are required for all new installations and renovations because these models have USPS approval. In these mailboxes, a varying number of horizontal customer units are housed in the same cabinet, which may recess into a wall, mount to a vertical surface, or stand alone on a slab of concrete. These mailboxes work well in central locations such as clubhouses, parking lots, community entrances, and business lobbies.

4C mailboxes also come with a solution for packages: parcel lockers. There should be at least one locker per every ten customer compartments, or one for every five in the case of apartments.

Older 4B mailboxes also exist and have square or vertical compartments. These are being phased out and can only be purchased to replace units of the exact same type if no major renovations are happening.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hawaii Mailboxes

Are There Installation Rules for Installing Mailboxes In Hawaii?

The rules for mailbox installation in Hawaii are the same as in the rest of the US. Curbside mailboxes must stand on the same side of the street as all others, must stand between 6 to 8 inches back from the curb, and must be 41 to 45 inches high. Centralized mailboxes must have all customer compartments between 28 and 67 inches from the ground, and no parcel locker can be lower than 15 inches from ground level.

All mailboxes must be free of hazards and obstructions and installed with the ADA in mind.

Can Parcel Lockers Be Purchased Alone or Added to an Existing Setup in Hawaii?

Yes, parcel lockers can be purchased to add to a centralized 4C mail setup. Varying sizes are available to handle different package sizes.

In fact, 4C mailboxes often have parcel lockers included. All 4C mailboxes are designed to mount side by side until all tenant needs are met. They are the only centralized mailboxes that can be used to create a custom mail station.

Who is Responsible for Broken Mailboxes in Hawaii?

The property owner or manager is responsible for replacing or repairing damaged mailboxes. It is a landlord’s responsibility to provide safe mail delivery for tenants.

If mailbox damage occurs frequently, a solution may be to switch to the durable 4C models for centralized mail delivery or to a more durable locking model for curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes.