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Mailboxes For North Dakota Homes and Businesses

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When it comes to managing properties or keeping up a single-family home, mailboxes are almost always part of the picture. That’s as true in North Dakota as it is in any state. Also, with its cold winters, durable mailboxes will be needed in many cases.

Though North Dakota has fewer than a million people, its population grew at a rate of 13% over the past ten years, which means that new properties such as homes, apartments, and commercial properties will need new mailboxes. Some older mailboxes will also need to be replaced or upgraded to help prevent damage, weathering, and theft.

We proudly serve the Bismarck, Fargo, and Minot areas as well as all rural areas in between. We have a mailbox for every residential and commercial need as well as accessories for curb appeal and replacement parts should any damage occur.

Mailboxes For North Dakota Homes and Small Business Properties

Curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes may be common in North Dakota and elsewhere, but they aren’t only for holding mail and small packages. Curb appeal is one reason property owners may want to choose attractive mailboxes for places such as condo communities and rentals. The good news is that curbside mailboxes have the best potential for enhancing curb appeal and improving a property’s value.

Both mailbox types can go beyond curb appeal as well. When multiple families or businesses need mail, and they are very close together (such as in a strip mall) then multi-family mailboxes are available in which more than one mailbox can be mounted to the same one or two posts. Locking and larger models are available as well.

Ensure that curbside mailboxes stand six to eight inches back from the road and stand between 41 and 45 inches high. They must also be on the same side of the road as other mailboxes in the area. Wall-mounted mailboxes must be easy to reach and obvious. Mailboxes must also be maintained well with no heavy damage.

Commercial Mailboxes in North Dakota

Larger communities and commercial properties often need centralized mail delivery, especially in urban areas such as Bismarck. Centralized mail delivery refers to mailboxes that hold multiple customer compartments inside one cabinet. These cabinets typically lock for security and to prevent issues such as identity theft.

The new 4C mailboxes have been required for all new installations since 2006, with the older 4B mailbox type being phased out. These mailboxes have horizontal customer compartments, usually include parcel lockers, and are more secure than their older 4B counterparts, which are no longer approved for new setups.

These mailboxes are versatile and can be installed in clubhouses, in mail kiosks, or simply on slabs of concrete. Commercial properties can install them into lobbies or central hallways. These mailboxes can stand alone as freestanding models, recess into walls, or simply mount onto walls.

When installing, ensure that no parcel locker is below 15 inches from the floor, and that all customer compartments are between 67 inches and 28 inches from the floor. But since 4C mailboxes are pre-approved by the USPS, this should be a simple task.

Frequently Asked Questions About North Dakota Mailboxes

Who is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in North Dakota?

In most cases, the property owner or manager will be responsible for replacing or repairing damaged or destroyed mailboxes. However, some cities such as Bismarck will replace damaged mailboxes that are struck by city vehicles or snowplows, provided that the property owner installed the mailbox correctly and according to national and local regulations.

What are Parcel Lockers, and How Do They Work?

Parcel lockers are often included with 4C mailboxes and hold packages until the customer can pick them up. When packages get delivered, each customer receives a key to access the corresponding parcel locker.

Parcel lockers can also be purchased alone to mount beside an existing 4C mailbox setup, and more can be added over time as package delivery increases.

It is important to note that one parcel locker will be needed for every ten customer compartments in any 4C mailbox setup. For new apartment installations, this number is one in five.

Can I Create My Own Mail Station in North Dakota?

The 4C line of mailboxes are designed for this. Property managers can mount 4C mailboxes side by side. These boxes also come with varying numbers of customer compartments and parcel lockers, allowing managers to purchase just enough cabinets to meet tenant needs.

The 4B mailboxes are being phased out and are not approved for new installations or renovations.