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Mailboxes For North Carolina Homes, Communities, and Business

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In North Carolina, mail delivery is as needed as it is anywhere else, and this includes cities such as Raleigh to the most rural locations in the state. Home to nearly ten million people, North Carolina is also seeing a rapid population growth, especially in urban centers.

What does this mean for community planners, builders, and property managers? Mailboxes are a necessity. New mailboxes and centralized mail systems will be needed to handle both the delivery of regular mail and packages. The good news is that there is a solution for every mail need, property, and community.

We serve the Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensborough areas as well as everywhere in between. We provide new mailboxes that are USPS-approved for every situation, and we also provide replacement parts should any damage occur to whichever mailbox you choose. These can range from doors, address numbers, posts, entire cabinets, and more.

Mailboxes for North Carolina Homes, Communities, and Small Businesses

Here, we refer to curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes, perhaps the simplest types. Curbside mailboxes are the most common, and they serve most single-family properties and small businesses well. The good news is that curbside mailboxes have the highest potential for customization, and therefore the best potential for enhancing curb appeal and a property’s value.

Curbside mailboxes also come as locking units when security is needed and can come in larger sizes for holding bigger mail volumes or even small packages. Such mailboxes can work well for business properties such as strip malls or locations that handle sensitive mail.

In communities such as condos, multi-family curbside mailboxes can serve multiple homes at once and reduce installation time and maintenance. Smaller commercial properties can make use of such mailboxes as well.

Wall-mounted mailboxes are the easiest to install and merely need to mount near a front door or above a porch, making them easy to find. They can also contribute to the look of a home or rental property.

Mailboxes for North Carolina Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can be those that house larger businesses or communities such as apartment complexes that are managed by the same company. In these cases, centralized mail systems are often needed to handle regular mail and packages.

Usually, the 4C line of mailboxes fits this description, as they are the only line approved by the USPS for new installations. These mailboxes consist of a single sturdy cabinet that houses multiple, horizontal customer compartments. Often, parcel lockers are included as well, and one per every ten customer compartments is required by the USPS. (For apartments, this requirement is one in five.)

The good news is that these mailboxes should last for decades, as they are sturdier than their older 4B counterparts, and they can install into a variety of locations such as clubhouses, kiosks, lobbies, and even outdoors near sidewalks. 4C mailboxes come as freestanding, wall-mounted, and recessed models.

Frequently Asked Questions About North Carolina Mailboxes

How Do Parcel Lockers Work in North Carolina?

Parcel lockers are usually included with 4C mailboxes, and the most common ones are 15 inches tall, though other sizes exist. They can be added to existing centralized mail systems as package delivery increases.

When a customer receives a package, they receive a key to access the parcel locker holding it. Only the USPS can retrieve the key from the lock after use, making then reusable.

What are the Requirements for Mailbox Installation in North Carolina?

North Carolina must follow national guidelines for the installation of mailboxes, as well as follow any local regulations. Curbside mailboxes must be 6 to 8 inches back from the curb and be 41 to 45 inches high. 4C mailboxes must have no parcel locker lower than 15 inches from the ground, and all customer compartments need to be between 28 and 67 inches high.

NCDOT mandates that all rural mailboxes be on the right-hand side of a road, and all posts be one foot back from the shoulder to allow easy USPS access.

Can I Make My Own Mail Station in North Carolina?

The 4C line of mailboxes are designed so that property managers can mount them side by side, provided they’re the same type. These mailboxes hold a varying number of customer compartments, allowing property owners to provide only enough compartments to meet tenant needs.

It is important to note that only 4C mailboxes are approved for new installations. The older 4B models are currently being phased out.