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Mailboxes For New Jersey Homes and Businesses

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Almost every state is seeing a population growth as of 2021, and New Jersey is no exception. With a population of 3.5 million and growing, the state will also see a growth in businesses, homes, and other residential properties such as apartments.

This means that with all this new construction, new mailboxes will be needed, and they will also need to comply with USPS regulations to receive mail delivery directly from them. In addition, some older mailboxes will need to be replaced as well.

There is also a growing trend of package delivery from the USPS across the entire country, New Jersey included. Along with this comes the growth of package theft, and it is well-known that commercial tenants as well as apartment and community dwellers want safety and consistent mail delivery. There are solutions for keeping packages safe as well, and many newer mailbox setups address this issue.

We serve the Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson areas as well as every town and home in between. Not only do we provide new mailboxes. We can provide replacement parts for every type of mailbox as well, ranging from posts to address numbers.

USPS-Approved Mailboxes for New Jersey Homes and Small Business

Installing USPS-approved mailboxes is part of enhancing curb appeal in some neighborhoods and serves small businesses well. Usually, wall-mounted and curbside mailboxes fit the bill. They are both customizable, with virtually every part coming in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes.

Curbside mailboxes can be used in rural and urban areas and are great for single homes and small businesses. Some come as multi-family units, with more than one mailbox sharing the same post. Larger sizes of curbside mailboxes are also available for bigger mail volumes. Locking models are available

There are only a few rules for installing new curbside mailboxes. Curbside mailboxes must follow national rules: they must stand between 41 and 45 inches tall and must be between 6 to 8 inches back from the curb. Wall-mounted mailboxes are simpler: they only need to hang in an obvious location such as above a porch and be easy to reach.

USPS-Approved Commercial New Jersey Mailboxes

Commercial mailboxes are those centralized types that serve office buildings, apartment complexes, college campuses, and more. They consist of one cabinet that holds several customer compartments and often parcel lockers. Safe, durable, and convenient, they are a common solution for mail delivery and are most common in cities such as Newark.

Look for the 4C line of mailboxes, as they are the only ones approved by the USPS for new installations. These models, which can be recessed, mounted to walls, or stand freely on concrete, are more durable and secure than their older 4B counterparts. They work well in locations including indoor clubhouses, outdoor kiosks, central hallways, or near front parking lots. Each customer compartment locks, keeping mail safe and helping to prevent identity theft.

The older 4B mailboxes, which tend to have square or vertical compartments, are currently being phased out in favor of the 4C models, which are more secure and resistant to weathering and damage. In addition, each customer compartment can lock.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mailboxes in New Jersey

In New Jersey, Who Takes Care of Damaged Mailboxes?

Usually, the property owner must take care of damaged or destroyed mailboxes, no matter which type. However, some cities such as Washington Township and Stafford will replace mailboxes should they be damaged by a city snowplow. Check with your local authorities to clarify.

Sometimes, only replacement parts are needed for damaged mailboxes, and can be purchased as needed.

Can I Create My Own Custom Mail Station In New Jersey?

It is possible to install 4C mailboxes side by side, so long as they are the same type, until the desired number of tenant compartments is met. These mailboxes are designed for such, and parcel lockers are often included with them. More parcel lockers can be ordered as needed.

The older 4B mailboxes cannot be purchased for new installations when seeking USPS delivery. These units are being phased out.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work in New Jersey?

Parcel lockers often come with 4C mailboxes or can be purchased to mount beside them. At least one will be needed for every ten customer units, or one per five for all new apartment installations. Like 4C mailboxes, they can mount side by side, allowing property managers to meet all tenant needs.