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Mailboxes For Nevada Homes and Businesses

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Virtually every home and business will require mail delivery, and most likely that delivery will come directly from the USPS. In Nevada, that is no exception. With a population of almost 3 million and a growth rate of 14% per year, Nevada will surely need new mailboxes as more homes and businesses get built. And many aging mailboxes will take damage, weather beyond repair, or simply need an upgrade to make some properties more secure or beautiful.

In addition, package delivery via the USPS increases almost every year, and this means that everyone will have a growing need for safe package delivery and the prevention of mail theft. The right kind of mail system can help handle packages as well, particularly for multi-family communities and businesses.

We serve the Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City areas as well as everywhere in between. We proudly provide new, USPS-approved mailboxes for every property type as well as replacement parts for whichever mailbox you choose. These can include compartment doors, flags, posts, pedestals, address numbers, and much more.

USPS-Approved Mailboxes for Nevada Homes and Small Business

The mailbox is a staple in every Nevada home, just like air conditioning, but one that is often overlooked. However, it is vital.

For homes and small businesses, typically curbside mailboxes and wall-mounted mailboxes work well and are common. Wall-mounted mailboxes simply mount to a wall, usually near a front door or above a porch. The only requirement for these mailboxes is that they must be intact, easy to find, and quickly accessible by the USPS.

Curbside mailboxes are very common and typically used in more rural areas, many small towns, and in cities. They can come as single or multi-family units and serve both homes and businesses. They also come in regular and larger sizes if the need to handle higher mail volumes exists. They can even lock if extra security is needed.

Curbside mailboxes must follow national guidelines: they must be between 41 and 45 inches tall for access and must stand between 6 to 8 inches back from the curb.

Both mailbox types can be highly customized and can even be used to enhance property value as they can greatly improve curb appeal.

USPS-Approved Commercial Nevada Mailboxes

Commercial mailboxes refer to those that serve apartment complexes, large businesses, college campuses, and similar places. They are a form of centralized mailbox, in which multiple customer compartments are contained in the same sturdy cabinet. These mailboxes make USPS delivery fast and convenient and make customer mail pickup so as well. They tend to be more common in urban centers such as Las Vegas.

The 4C line of centralized mailboxes are the only ones approved by the USPS for new installations and major renovations. These mailboxes are more sturdy and secure than their older 4B counterparts. They come in the form of freestanding mailboxes, wall-mounted, or recessed and can be installed in a variety of locations including indoor clubhouses, outdoor kiosks, central hallways, or on slabs of concrete near parking lots.

Many also include parcel lockers for handling packages.

Each customer compartment can lock, and each customer receives a key for checking their own compartment. The 4C line of mailboxes are highly resistant to damage and tampering, making them an excellent option for large commercial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nevada Mailboxes

Who Is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in Nevada?

In most cases, the property owner is responsible for repairing and replacing damaged mailboxes. The owner is also responsible for keeping the area around mailboxes free of obstructions and for keeping the area well-lighted for safety.

If mail theft or tampering is an issue, it may be worth investing in locking mailboxes or upgrading old 4B mailboxes to the 4C type, which reduce the chances for theft.

What is the Difference Between 4B and 4C Mailboxes in Nevada?

While both types of mailboxes are centralized, the 4C line of mailboxes are more durable, resistant to damage, and resistant to theft. They contain horizontal customer units and typically include parcel lockers.

The older 4B mailboxes are less so, and typically contain square or vertical compartments, which may or may not lock. They are being phased out in favor of the newer 4C models.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work?

Parcel lockers often come with 4C mailboxes or can be purchased to mount beside them. One is required for every ten customer units, or one per five for new apartment installations.

New parcel lockers can also be purchased to add to existing setups, as package delivery increases or theft becomes an issue.