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Mailboxes For Mississippi Homes and Commercial Properties

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The need for mail delivery has existed for well over a century, and in every state. Thankfully, mail delivery today consists of USPS delivery directly to the mailboxes of homes, communities, and commercial properties. However, choosing the right mailbox type may seem daunting.

With its population holding steady around 3 million people, Mississippi will continue to need mail and package delivery for years to come. Some aging mailboxes will need replacement while new installations will vary in type. Both homes and businesses will need to handle mail delivery in their own ways.

One major change is the growth in package delivery. Safe package delivery is needed for larger communities and businesses everywhere, to help prevent the loss and theft of packages every year.

We serve the Jackson, Gulfport, and Biloxi areas as well as everywhere in between, providing not only mailboxes for every need, but replacement parts for every type of mailbox. These parts range from mailbox doors to posts, mounts, brackets, accessories, and address numbers.

USPS-Approved Mailboxes for Mississippi Homes

Mailboxes aren’t only functional, but they can also enhance the property value of any home when they are attractive and match the home’s palette. Mailboxes are part of curb appeal, and curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes are the most common types for homes and small businesses.

Both types of mailboxes can be customized, and curbside mailboxes can come in single or multi-family units. Curbside mailboxes must be installed 6 to 8 inches back from the curb or road surface and must stand between 41 and 45 inches high. Wall-mounted mailboxes simply need to be installed in an easy to reach location, usually near a front door or above a porch.

Accessories such as address numbers and toppers are available for both mailbox types, and if more mail delivery than normal is expected, or if extra security is desired, then locking models are also available.

USPS-Approved Mailboxes for Mississippi Communities and Commerce

When it comes to larger communities such as apartments and condos, or for larger commercial properties, different mail solutions are needed. Usually, centralized mail systems are used to accommodate all tenants.

The new, 4C line of mailboxes often fit this need. These mailboxes have horizontal customer compartments all housed in the same sturdy cabinet, and each compartment locks for security and privacy. These mailboxes can recess into walls or kiosks, mount directly onto concrete slabs, or mount to walls. They are great for indoor and outdoor use and work well in many centralized locations. Most also include parcel lockers. All 4C mailboxes are USPS-approved before purchase.

Older mailbox types still exist, and these 4B mailboxes usually have square or vertical compartments. They are not as secure or as durable as their 4C counterparts and cannot be purchased for anything other than replacement of mailboxes of the exact same type or location. However, 4B mailboxes can still be purchased for private delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mississippi Mailboxes

How Can I Handle Package Delivery in Mississippi?

About 43% of people in the US have had packages stolen, and to prevent theft, parcel lockers are an excellent solution if a centralized mail system is being used. Each locker has a secure lock and is resistant to tampering and are designed to mount beside 4C mailboxes. Freestanding, recessed, and wall-mounted models are available.

When a customer receives a package, a key is placed in their customer compartment to access the parcel locker.

Can I Create a Custom Mail Station in Mississippi?

The 4C mailbox models are approved for new installations when USPS delivery is needed. They are designed to mount beside one another so long they are of the same type.

4C mailboxes are best installed in central locations such as clubhouses, near parking lots, in kiosks, or in lobbies. They must be free of obstructions, and no parcel locker can be lower than 15 inches from the floor, while no customer compartment can be higher than 67 inches or lower than 28 inches from the floor.

The older 4B models are not approved by the USPS for new installations or for major renovations.

Who is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in Mississippi?

In almost all cases, the property owner or manager will be responsible for replacing a damaged or destroyed mailbox. Most often, these are curbside mailboxes, but older mailbox types such as 4B mailboxes can be damaged as well.

Replacement parts are available for all mailbox types, and it is recommended to upgrade to the newer, more durable 4C mailboxes if centralized mail delivery is needed. This will help to prevent damage and vandalism.