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Mailboxes for Kansas Homes and Businesses

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Mail delivery is a fact of life, or should be, no matter where you live. Kansas is no exception, and with the state growing by about 3% every ten years, that means new homes, commercial properties, and of course, mailboxes.

Even without population growth, Kansas has a population of around 3 million, and this means that old mailboxes need replacing. This is true whether you own or manage a property, and especially true with multi-family and commercial properties that may need centralized mail delivery.

Although general mail volume has declined somewhat in recent years, package delivery is growing, and that means that tenants and property owners need safe and reliable package delivery. The right type of mailbox setup can aid with this as well.

Serving the Topeka, Wichita, and Overland Park areas, plus everywhere in between, we not only provide new and secure mailboxes for every need. We also provide a variety of replacement parts for damaged mailboxes, ranging from doors to locks to accessories meant to enhance curb appeal. Many mailboxes are USPS-approved.

USPS-Approved Residential Mailboxes in Kansas

For most single-family homes and smaller businesses, curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes will fit delivery needs. These common mailboxes have the highest potential for customization and the highest potential to improve a property’s curb appeal, which can help improve a home or rental property’s value.

Wall-mounted mailboxes should be installed near a front door or right above a porch for easy USPS access. Curbside mailboxes, both single and multi-family, must stand between 6 and 8 inches back from the road or curb and stand between 41 and 45 inches high. No mailbox can have obstructions or hazards around it.

Locking models of both types are available for enhanced security, and both types of mailboxes can be ordered in larger sizes to accommodate larger mail volumes and even small packages. Both types come in a variety of colors, finishes, and materials, and curbside mailboxes can have accessories such as toppers, newspaper holders, and more.

USPS-Approved Commercial Mailboxes in Kansas

Commercial mailboxes may suggest large businesses, but they work well for large communities such as apartment complexes as well. They are the most common in urban centers such as Topeka.

Often, commercial mailboxes, which have multiple customer compartments in the same cabinet, are the 4C type, the type now approved by the USPS for new installations and renovations. These mailboxes are more durable and resistant to tampering than their older, 4B counterparts. They have horizontal customer units and usually include parcel lockers for holding packages.

The older 4B mailboxes are being phased out and cannot be purchased for new installations. They typically have vertical or square compartments.

4C mailboxes are also versatile, and can stand alone, recess into walls, or simply mount to them. This makes them ideal for centralized areas such as business lobbies, apartment clubhouses, kiosks, and central hallways.

Each customer compartment has its own lock and number, and 4C mailboxes each come with a varying number of compartments. This allows property managers to buy only as many mailboxes as they need to meet tenant needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kansas Mailboxes

Who is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in Kansas?

In general, the property owner or manager is responsible for repairing or replacing damaged mailboxes. However, exceptions exist for damages caused by county and municipal authorities, such as curbside mailboxes damaged by snowplows.

The city of Overland Park is one example of an area where municipalities are responsible for damage to private property, including mailboxes. Every area is different, so check with your local authorities.

Can I Build My Own Mail Station in Kansas?

4C mailboxes are designed for such customization. They can mount side by side, and parcel lockers can be added as needed to accommodate growing package delivery.

Older mailbox types such as 4B mailboxes are not approved for this purpose. They can only be purchased to replace mailboxes of the exact same type, in the exact same location, and provided no major renovations are taking place.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work in Kansas?

Parcel lockers are large customer compartments, ranging from 13 to 18 inches tall, designed to hold customer packages. Once a package is delivered, the customer receives a key to access their package when convenient. The key remains in the lock for USPS retrieval.

Parcel lockers often come with 4C setups but can also be purchased alone.