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Mailboxes For Illinois Residential and Commercial Properties

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No matter which state you live in, you’ll almost certainly need USPS delivery of mail and packages. That goes whether you live in a large city such as Chicago, a smaller city like Aurora, or in one of the many small towns scattered throughout the state. Illinois has nearly 5 million households and plenty of businesses especially in large urban areas.

This means a lot of mailboxes. Property owners are each responsible for their own mailboxes, as well as those on all rental properties they own. Since tenants want safe and reliable package delivery, property owners should also provide a means for this as well. Over 7 billion packages were shipped via the USPS in 2020 alone, and this number grows every year.

We serve all of Illinois ranging from Chicago to Springfield and all the way down to Marion. Not only do we provide safe and secure mailboxes for all needs, we also provide replacement parts should the worst happen. We also proudly supply parcel lockers for the delivery of USPS packages.

USPS Approved Illinois Mailboxes for Residences

When most think of residential mailboxes, curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes come to mind. This is also true in Illinois, and curbside mailboxes are among the most common types. These mailboxes stand near a driveway or across the road from a home or business.

Wall-mounted mailboxes simply hang on the wall of a home or small business and have a flap for USPS mail delivery. They work well in suburbs where yards tend to be small, and the USPS can walk easily from one home to another.

Both types of mailboxes can enhance curb appeal and help improve the value of your home or rental property. A variety of models, finishes, and colors are available to suit the palette of any property. If security is needed, both types can come as locking models as well, and some models are larger than normal to hold higher mail volumes. For condo communities and other multi-family homes, curbside mailboxes can be ordered that have more than one mailbox per post, or posts. This can save on costs and installation time.

USPS Approved Illinois Centralized Mailboxes

Of course, larger communities and commercial properties will often need different mail solutions than curbside or wall-mounted mailboxes. Centralized mail delivery works well in these cases.

The new 4C line of mailboxes has been required by the USPS since 2006 for all new installations and major renovations. Containing a few to dozens of customer compartments each, these mailboxes come as wall-mounted, recessed, and freestanding models. They are often found inside clubhouses, in lobbies, in kiosks, or standing alone in outdoor settings.

4C mailboxes are sturdier, more resistant to vandalism, and more resistant to weathering than their older 4B counterparts, which can still be found in some areas. Therefore, it is recommended to replace older 4B mailboxes with the newer 4C units, especially if mail theft and damage is an issue.

4C mailboxes also often come with parcel lockers, which hold customer packages until retrieval. One parcel locker must be included per every ten customer units. For apartments, that number is now one parcel locker per five customer units.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mailboxes In Illinois

Who is Responsible for Repairing Broken Mailboxes?

Generally, the property owner is responsible for repairing broken and destroyed mailboxes. The USPS will not deliver to broken, destroyed, and unsecured mailboxes. However, some exceptions occur. In some Illinois townships and cities, municipal authorities are responsible in the event of city snowplow damage. Check your city or township, as each has a process for reporting mailbox damage.

Can I Create A Custom Mail Station in Illinois?

The 4C line of centralized mailboxes can all mount side by side, making them perfect for creating custom mail stations for apartments, office buildings, schools, and large communities. Only the 4C mailboxes can be purchased for new, centralized mail installations and for major renovations. The older 4B mailboxes are being phased out.

How Must I Install Mailboxes in Illinois?

The regulations for mailbox installation are the same in Illinois as they are in every other state. Curbside mailboxes of all types must stand between 6 and 8 inches back from the curb, must be on the same side of the road as all other mailboxes in the area, and must stand between 41 and 45 inches tall.

For centralized mailboxes, no parcel locker can be below 15 inches from ground level, and no customer compartment can be below 28 inches from the ground or floor or above 67 inches.