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Mailboxes For Homes and Businesses in Louisiana

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Louisiana, like every other state, needs mail delivery. This is true for every larger city such as New Orleans and for every small town. Across the country, package delivery is also increasing, and there is a need to prevent package theft and damage as well.

The population of Louisiana is at nearly five million and has grown by 2.5% over the last ten years. This means new homes and businesses, which in turn means new mailboxes. In addition, older and damaged mailboxes will need to be replaced with newer and more secure options, especially as package delivery also increases.

Everyone ranging from homeowners to property managers will need to provide a means for mail delivery, whether that be a single-family mailbox or an entire centralized mail system for a community or commercial property.

We serve the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Shreveport areas as well as everywhere in between. We provide mailboxes for every need as well as replacement parts that range from mailbox posts to customer doors and locks.

USPS-Approved Louisiana Residential Mailboxes

The most common mailbox type for homes and small businesses is the curbside mailbox. These mailboxes simply stand at the curb or roadside and are easy to install and maintain. They can be customized with a variety of post types, makes, styles, colors, and finishes.

Curbside mailboxes must stand between 41 and 45 inches high and stand from 6 to 8 inches back from the roadside or curb. In some cases, a permit may be needed for new construction when installing a new mailbox in Louisiana.

Curbside mailboxes can also come as multi-family models which work well for some communities. Locking models and larger-than-normal models are available to prevent mail theft and hold larger volumes of mail, such as in the case of businesses.

Wall-mounted mailboxes are another option for single-family homes. These mailboxes are the easiest to install, and simply mount near front doors or porches. Like curbside mailboxes, they have a high potential for customization to enhance curb appeal.

USPS-Approved Louisiana Commercial Mailboxes

Large residential communities and commercial complexes may do well with centralized mail delivery in Louisiana. Since 2006, the 4C series of centralized mailboxes are required for all new installations, and the older 4B mailboxes are being phased out.

4C horizontal mailboxes have multiple, locking customer compartments, as well as parcel lockers, contained in a single, sturdy cabinet. These mailboxes can mount side by side, making them versatile and able to meet the needs of varying numbers of tenants.

These mailboxes are typically found on concrete slabs, recessed into walls, or simply mounted to walls. Common areas such as clubhouses, kiosks, parking lots, and central corridors make good places to install such mail systems. Many customers find them convenient and secure, as they prevent mail theft and tampering.

Older 4B models still exist in many areas, and they look different from 4C mailboxes due to having square or vertical customer compartments. These mailboxes are not as secure or durable as their newer counterparts, and it is recommended that they be replaced with new 4C mailboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Louisiana Mailboxes

How Do I Provide Package Delivery in Louisiana?

For USPS packages, it is often a good idea to add parcel lockers or switch to a centralized mail system that includes them. Parcel lockers can only be accessed by the customer via a provided key and are very secure and convenient.

Parcel lockers can be added to an existing, centralized mail setup over time as package delivery for a residential or commercial property increases. Provide at least one parcel locker per ten compartments, or at least one for every five compartments for apartment complexes.

Can I Make a Custom Mail Station in Louisiana?

Yes, but only with the approved 4C mailboxes. The older 4B models cannot be purchased for new installations or renovations.

4C mailboxes of all types have varying compartments and parcel lockers, giving them the ability to mount side by side until all tenant needs are met. More can be added over time as a community or commercial property grows.

What Are the Requirements for Centralized Mailboxes in Louisiana?

For centralized mail delivery, ensure that all customer compartments are between 27 and 67 inches from the floor or ground level. No parcel locker can be lower than 15 inches from the ground. All 4C mailboxes are constructed with these requirements in mind.

Ensure there is plenty of space to access mailboxes in order to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.