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Mailboxes For Homes and Business In South Carolina

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Mail delivery should be a fact of life that no one should think about twice. South Carolina is no exception to this rule, and the right mailboxes will help ensure that mail and package delivery from the USPS goes smoothly. With over 5 million people and a fast population growth of over 11%, South Carolina communities will need new mailboxes for both residential and commercial properties.

A mailbox exists for every property type, whether that be a single-family home or a sprawling commercial complex. These range from the simplest wall-mounted mailboxes to the most complex centralized mailbox systems that handle customer mail and packages.

We serve the Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Columbia areas as well as everywhere in between. Ask us, and we will have the right mailbox for your home or property, no matter how many tenants or residents need delivery.

USPS-Approved South Carolina Mailboxes for Homes

The simplest mailboxes are those for homes, and these include wall-mounted and curbside models. Both types are integral for enhancing the curb appeal, and therefore the value, of a home. This will benefit homeowners and property managers alike.

Wall-mounted mailboxes are easy to install and hang near front doors or above porches. Curbside mailboxes are also simple to install, and a variety of styles, colors, finishes, and accessories are available. It is this customization that can enhance curb appeal.

Curbside mailboxes are also versatile, as they can serve homes, rental properties, condo communities, and smaller commercial properties such as strip malls. They can come with larger than normal customer compartments for handling higher mail volumes and small packages. Locking mailboxes are also available if sensitive mail is changing hands.

Multi-family curbside mailboxes hold two to eight customer compartments each and work well when a few tenants on the same property need mail delivery.

USPS-Approved Commercial Mailboxes in South Carolina

When larger properties come into play, whether they be apartment complexes, entire communities, or large office complexes, some type of centralized mail delivery is a must. This means using a centralized mailbox system.

The 4C line of mailboxes fit this need. They are approved by the USPS for new installations and renovations. These mailboxes consist of one sturdy cabinet that holds multiple horizontal customer compartments and parcel lockers. Each compartment locks, making this mailbox type quite secure.

These mailbox types can stand alone on concrete, recess into vertical surfaces, or simply mount to walls. Each type is good for indoor or outdoor use, making them versatile. They are best installed in a central or forward location on a property, such as a community clubhouse, a mail kiosk, or even near a central sidewalk.

Parcel lockers can be added to such a setup over time, as package delivery increases. One is required for every ten customer units. For apartments, the requirement is now one per every five units for new installations.

Frequently Asked Questions About South Carolina Mailboxes

What Is the Difference Between 4C and 4B Mailboxes?

4B mailboxes are older models than the 4C ones and are being phased out by the USPS. They are no longer approved for new installations and major renovations. Only the new 4C mailboxes can fit this need when seeking USPS delivery.

4B mailboxes often have square or vertical customer compartments, and usually do not have parcel lockers. They are less resistant to weathering and damage than their newer counterparts.

How are 4C Mailboxes Installed in South Carolina?

National rules apply in every state, and these rules come from the USPS and the ADA.

Curbside mailboxes must stand between 41 and 45 inches high, and the post must be 6 to 8 inches back from the road or curbside. Wall-mounted mailboxes must have no obstructions and be in an obvious location.

For 4C mailboxes, ensure that no parcel locker is lower than 15 inches from the ground. All customer compartments must be between 28 and 67 inches for easy access, and it is a good idea to ensure three feet of space in front of each compartment for wheelchair users.

Can I Create My Own Mail Station in South Carolina?

If using the new 4C mailboxes, the answer is yes. The older 4B mailboxes cannot be purchased for new installations.

4C mailboxes are designed to mount side by side, allowing property managers to meet all tenant needs. They come with varying numbers of compartments and parcel lockers, which allow the purchase of just enough compartments. Parcel lockers can even be added to an existing setup to accommodate changes in package delivery.