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Mailboxes For Homes and Business in Ohio

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While every state is different, one common thread is the need for mail delivery. This means that virtually every home, business, and community will need some type of mailbox and delivery system. Ohio is no exception, and with a population approaching twelve million, this means that new mailboxes will be needed all the time to prevent costly problems such as damage, mail, and package theft.

Every property is different, meaning that the simple curbside mailbox will not fit the needs of an apartment complex or larger commercial property. The good news is that there is a mail solution for every property type.

We have mailboxes available from Toledo to Cleveland and everywhere in between. Not only do we provide mailboxes for all homes and businesses, but we also provide replacement parts such as mailbox doors, address numbers, locks, and much more.

Mailboxes For Ohio Homes and Small Business

The humble curbside mailbox is probably the most common type for Ohio homes and small businesses, followed by the wall-mounted mailbox. These mailboxes, so long as they stand six to eight inches from the curb or roadside, and stand between 41 and 45 inches tall, receive mail delivery and small packages from the USPS.

Curbside mailboxes come as single or multi-family units and are good for homes, small rental properties, and small businesses or strip malls. Locking models are available if security is a concern, and larger models designed to hold higher mail volumes are available as well. Multi-family mailboxes are also good for smaller commercial properties that house more than one office or business.

For homeowners and property managers who deal with rentals, curb appeal is a good way to boost a home’s value. Curbside mailboxes have a high potential for this, and a multitude of accessories and styles are available. Attractive mailboxes also work well in some communities such as condos, where curb appeal is important.

Mailboxes For Ohio Communities and Larger Businesses

When it comes to serving a large commercial property such as an office building or complex, or a community that holds many homes or apartments, centralized mail delivery is often the best choice. This means that a mailbox system where a single cabinet holds multiple, locking customer compartments is often the best choice.

These types of mailboxes can mount to walls, recess into vertical surfaces, or stand alone on slabs of concrete as freestanding models. Such mailboxes are designed to mount side by side, provided they are the same type, allowing property managers to include just enough customer compartments to meet tenant needs. They are useful in clubhouses, in lobbies, in kiosks, or even on slabs of concrete. Ensure they are installed in an obvious, central location for the ease of mail delivery and pickup.

It is important to note that only the new, 4C line of mailboxes are approved by the USPS for new installations. The older 4B mailboxes, which typically have square or vertical compartments, are being phased out as they are not as secure or as durable as their newer counterparts.

4C mailboxes often come with parcel lockers for holding packages, and one per every ten compartments is required. For apartments, that requirement is now one in five.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ohio Mailboxes

What Are the Requirements for Installing 4C Mailboxes in Ohio?

It is important to install 4C mailboxes in compliance with the ADA to allow all customers to access their compartments.

No parcel locker can be below 15 inches from the ground or floor. At least one customer compartment must be at 48 inches or below, and all compartments should be between 28 and 67 inches high. It is also good to have 36 inches of space in front of each compartment.

Who is Responsible for Destroyed or Damaged Mailboxes in Ohio?

Typically, the property owner must repair or replace damaged mailboxes of any type. Some municipalities may replace mailboxes if they are damaged by snowplows or other city vehicles, so it is best to check with your local authorities if this is the case. However, this usually only takes effect when mailboxes are installed properly.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work in Ohio?

With package delivery increasing, parcel lockers are a solution in many communities and commercial properties, as they hold packages customers can retrieve them. Parcel lockers each lock, and when a package is delivered, each customer receives a key to access the locker.

Parcel lockers can be added to existing 4C mailbox systems as package delivery changes or as more tenants need delivery. They can be purchased alone to mount beside 4C mailboxes of the same type.