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Mailboxes For Homes and Business in Idaho

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Idaho, like every other state, needs mail delivery. With a growing population of close to two million people, Idaho will need new homes and business construction, and this means new mailboxes. Package delivery is also growing nationwide, creating a greater need for safe and effective delivery of parcels.

Not every home or business is the same, which means that different mailbox types will meet different needs. A variety are available, and many are designed to serve large communities, business establishments, and even universities.

We provide not only mailboxes for residential and commercial properties. We also provide replacement parts ranging from mailbox doors, locks, flags, and much more. At National Mailboxes, we serve the Boise, Meridian, and Nampa areas, plus everything in between.

Idaho Residential Mailboxes That Are USPS-Approved

For homes and small commercial properties that don’t have to handle a high volume of mail, curbside mailboxes may work the best for handling mail delivery. These boxes stand at a curb, and for residential properties, they can add to curb appeal if an attractive model is chosen, or if an old mailbox gets replaced.

A variety of models, colors, makes, and finishes are available for curbside mailboxes. Multi-family and locking models are also available if serving more than one property, or if centralized mail delivery systems aren’t feasible.

Wall-mounted mailboxes also work well for homes but do the best in suburbs where yards are small, and porches are easy for the USPS to access. Locking models are available for wall-mounted mailboxes as well, and a variety of models are available as well.

All mailbox types must be easy to reach and free of hazards such as aggressive animals, potholes, and other obstructions.

Idaho Commercial Mailboxes That Are USPS Approved

For larger properties such as apartment complexes, some multi-family communities, and office buildings, some form of centralized mail delivery will work well. Centralized mailboxes come in the form of the older 4B units, which are being phased out, and the newer, more durable and secure 4C mailboxes.

The old 4B units can still be found in some areas and tend to have square customer compartments or vertical ones. These old units are not as secure or as durable as the 4C series of mailboxes, and it is recommended that they are replaced with new 4C mailboxes. In fact, only 4C mailboxes are approved for new installations. 4B mailboxes cannot be purchased for anything other than retrofitting.

4C mailboxes have horizontal customer units housed in the same sturdy cabinet. They can fit a variety of locations, as they can recess, mount onto walls, or stand alone on slabs of concrete. They are best installed in clubhouses, kiosks, central corridors, and lobbies, so long as those areas are in central locations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Idaho Mailboxes

Are There Rules for Mailbox Installation in Idaho?

Yes. The rules for installing all types of mailboxes in Idaho are the same as they are nationwide.

Curbside mailboxes have the same rules whether they are urban or rural. All mailboxes must stand 6 to 8 inches from the curb, stand between 41 and 45 inches high, and have no dangerous supports that can damage vehicles or cause injuries to drivers.

All 4C mailboxes are already USPS-approved upon purchase but must be installed with certain height requirements in mind. No parcel locker’s base can be closer to the ground or floor than 15 inches, and all customer compartments must be between 28 and 67 inches from ground level. This aids with ADA compliance.

Can I Create a Custom Mail Station in Idaho?

4C mailboxes are designed to mount side by side, allowing property managers to meet all tenant needs. More parcel lockers can be added as needed as well, and these can also mount beside an existing 4C setup. Currently, one parcel locker per ten customer units is required for new installations for non-apartment mailboxes, and apartment mailboxes must have one new parcel locker per five compartments.

Older mailbox types can no longer be purchased as part of a new, centralized mail installation if USPS delivery is needed.

With Broken Mailboxes in Idaho, Who is Responsible?

Property owners are responsible for repairing and replacing damaged mailboxes in Idaho. Vandalism to mailboxes and mail theft is a crime, and if this is the case, it should be reported to the postal inspector.

Replacement parts are sometimes all that are needed to repair a mailbox, reducing the cost. If damage or mail theft is frequent, it may be worth switching to a more durable model or to 4C mailboxes, if feasible.