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Mailboxes For Every Alabama Property

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No matter where you live or own a property, mail delivery from the USPS is a necessity. With a population of nearly 5 million, and many larger urban centers such as Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery, that means millions of postal customers. In there are over two million housing units and over 100,000 businesses.

Property owners in Alabama must provide mail delivery to both residential and commercial tenants. Also, package delivery is growing. Nationwide, over 7 billion packages were shipped via USPS in 2020.

The volume of regular mail continues to number in the hundreds of millions for Alabama alone. Businesses and residents alike rely on the safe delivery of important mail.

We serve Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, and all other major Alabama cities. We provide safe, attractive, and quality mailboxes for residential and commercial properties. We also provide replacement parts for every type of mailbox and are pleased to offer parcel lockers to handle the millions of packages shipped each year.

Providing USPS Approved Alabama Mailboxes

Residential mailboxes serve single-family homes and some multi-family properties well. Most of these mailboxes are curbside, meaning they are located at the curb, or wall-mounted. Wall-mounted mailboxes simply mount on a home, usually near the front door.

Mailboxes can improve curb appeal, making your Alabama property more valuable and attracting more buyers or renters. Both types of mailboxes are manufactured to have USPS approval before installation.

Some residential mailboxes can hold large volumes of mail. Others come with locks if security and mail theft are issues. Both curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes fit well in suburbs. In addition, multi-unit curbside mailboxes are popular in many of Alabama’s condo communities.

Both types of mailboxes have a high potential for customization.

USPS Approved Centralized Commercial Alabama Mailboxes

Many commercial and some residential properties use centralized mailboxes, which contain several to dozens of customer compartments in one cabinet and are typically found near the center of or at the front of a property. These mailboxes can fit on walls, recess into surfaces, or stand alone as freestanding models. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The new 4C mailboxes, required for new installations since 2006, are very secure and resistant to damage and tampering. They also typically come with parcel lockers, which hold and secure packages for customers.

In urban areas such as Birmingham, 4C mailboxes are a common sight for apartment complexes, commercial properties, and some communities. Also somewhat common are the older 4B models, which have vertical or square customer compartments. However, these units are not as secure and are being phased out.

Upgrading to the newer 4C models can prevent damage, tampering, and mail theft. These mailboxes are designed for installation in clubhouses, outdoor kiosks, or alone on a slab of concrete. They also work well in commercial lobbies. So long as they stand in central, easy-to-access area, USPS delivery will continue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alabama Mailboxes

Is There A Certain Way To Install Mailboxes in Alabama?

The rules for curbside mailboxes in Alabama are the same as they are nationally. Ensure the mailbox is 6 to 8 inches back from the curb, and 41 to 45 inches high. The mailbox must also be on the same side of the road as all other.

For commercial mailboxes, no customer compartment can be over 67 inches from the floor or below 28 inches from the floor. All parcel lockers must be 15 inches or higher from ground level.

Can I Customize My Own Mail Station in Alabama?

4C mailboxes are the only type of mailbox allowing you to customize your centralized mail system for USPS delivery, as older mailboxes are being phased out and no longer approved for new installations. 4C mailboxes can mount side to side, and parcel lockers can be added to them as needed. They come with varying numbers of tenant compartments and different sizes.

How Can I Keep My Tenants’ Packages Secure in Alabama?

Parcel lockers hold tenants’ packages in a locking compartment until pickup. In fact, the USPS requires that there be one parcel locker per ten customer compartments in a 4C centralized mail system. For apartments, this requirement is now 1 locker per 5 compartments, for new installations.

Parcel lockers can be added to an existing setup as package delivery increases, or as more tenants move into a property. They come in a variety of sizes for different types of packages.