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Mailboxes For Each Connecticut Home and Business

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Just like in every other state, Connecticut requires reliable and safe mail delivery. Virtually all its 1.3 million households and 88,000 business establishments will have the need for mailboxes which can handle regular mail. Also, many multi-family homes and most businesses will need a means to safely receive, and store packages shipped via the USPS as well.

Though a small state, Connecticut enjoys a lot of development and a fast-growing economy, which means new mailboxes will need to be purchased and installed.

We specialize in residential and business mailboxes, and we proudly serve the Hartford, Bridgeport, Stamford, and other areas. We also offer replacement parts for all types of mailboxes including doors, posts, locks, and more.

USPS Approved Connecticut Mailboxes For Residents

For single-family homes and small businesses, we offer curbside mailboxes as well as wall-mounted models. Curbside mailboxes can come as a single unit or as multiple compartments mounted onto the same post or posts. Wall-mounted mailboxes are best suited for mounting near front doors or just above porches, in plain sight.

Customizations such as different colors, materials, accessories, name plates, locks, mailbox size, and others are available. Some mailboxes can have flaps rather than doors, and locks if security is a concern.

No matter which customizations will work, all mailboxes in Connecticut must follow the national regulations for installation. Wall-mounted mailboxes must be easy to reach for a USPS employee, and curbside mailboxes must stand 41 to 45 inches from curb level and be 6 to 8 inches back from the road. All mailbox types must not be so damaged that delivery is difficult, and no obstructions or safety hazards can be present.

USPS Approved Connecticut Commercial Mailboxes

Larger businesses, apartment complexes, some multi-family communities, and other large properties often make use of centralized mail delivery due to its convenience and ease of installation. Centralized mailboxes include the 4C series of mailboxes, which follow USPS regulations for new installations, and the older 4B models which are currently being phased out and replaced with their more sturdy and secure 4C counterparts.

4C centralized mailboxes consist of several horizontal customer compartments inside one cabinet that can be part of a freestanding setup, a recessed setup, or a wall-mounted one. Numbers of customer compartments vary, but usually at least one parcel locker for packages is included per every 10 customer units.

Older 4B units usually have vertical or square compartments and cannot be purchased for new installations as they no longer meet USPS requirements.

4C models are better adapted to resist tampering, damage, and mail theft. They are typically found mounted onto slabs of concrete, in apartment and business lobbies, and in kiosks. Many college campuses and military bases use them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Connecticut Mailboxes

Are There Special Requirements for Installing the New 4C Mailboxes?

Yes. 4C mailboxes, whether installed into a kiosk, wall, or on its own as a freestanding model, must comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. No compartment can be above 67 inches, and no compartment below 27 inches, from the floor or ground surface. The bottom of each parcel locker cannot be closer to the ground or floor than 15 inches.

Also, at least one parcel locker is required per every ten customer compartments for non-apartment installations. For apartments, that requirement is now one parcel locker per five compartments as of 2020.

Who Is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in Connecticut?

In most cases, damaged mailboxes in Connecticut must be replaced by the property owner or manager. However, some Connecticut towns have policies on mailboxes damaged by snowplows, as New England winters can be rough.

If a mailbox is only damaged, replacement parts can often be purchased and placed back on a mailbox. The USPS will not deliver to heavily damaged or destroyed mailboxes, so it is advised to replace damaged units as soon as possible.

Can a Connecticut Property Owner Create a Custom Mail System?

If the mailboxes used are the new 4C models and if the ADA is followed, the answer is yes. 4C mailboxes of all types are designed to mount side by side until the desired number of tenant compartments is reached. Parcel lockers can also be added to handle package delivery as it increases, and can also be mounted beside such setups.