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Mailboxes For Delaware Homes and Businesses

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Delaware, with its population of nearly 1 million, is densely populated and boasts nearly 30,000 businesses. This means that a lot of mailboxes are needed for homes and businesses.

Different types of mailboxes exist to serve the needs of property owners and managers, whether they live in Dover or in a smaller town. Mailboxes are available to replace or upgrade old units, or for new construction projects.

We proudly serve all three of Delaware’s counties and the Dover area. We provide mailboxes for residents and are also here to help developers and property managers meet the needs of their tenants for safe and secure mail delivery. We also sell replacement parts for all types of mailboxes.

USPS Approved Delaware Mailboxes for Residents

Curbside mailboxes are common in smaller Delaware towns and suburbs, and for smaller businesses. These mailboxes are simple to install and replace as needed, and can be customized with a variety of makes, models, colors, and finishes. They are excellent for boosting a community’s curb appeal and increasing home value.

Wall-mounted mailboxes also have the same potential and work well in suburbs where yards are smaller, and a USPS employee walks from home to home. Different colors and sizes are available, and locking units are available for areas where mail theft can be a concern. Larger sizes are also available for those who receive a higher-than-normal volume of mail, and for those who cannot check their mail often.

These types of mailboxes are easy to install and customize.

USPS Approved Delaware Commercial Mailboxes

When centralized mail delivery is needed for apartments, communities, or large commercial properties, 4C mailboxes are the go-to models. These mailboxes have USPS approval, and consist of horizontal customer compartments that each have a customer lock. These compartments vary in number, and the cabinets that contain them can be recessed into walls, mounted, or can come as part of a freestanding unit.

These mailboxes are excellent for placing in centralized locations such as lobbies, clubhouses, kiosks, and large hallways. The freestanding models can mount onto concrete slabs if no indoor locations are available and are often found near sidewalks and parking lots.

Older 4B models still exist, and have vertical or square compartments, but these are being phased out and are not approved by the USPS for new installations or major renovations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delaware Mailboxes

Who Is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in Delaware?

It depends. Often, snowplows are the cause of mailbox damage in the state of Delaware. In many cases, the township will be responsible for replacing broken and damaged mailboxes, so long as a municipal vehicle has done the damage.

In other cases, the property owner must replace a damaged or destroyed mailbox. If repeated vandalism and theft is an issue, locking mailboxes or the newer 4C mailboxes for centralized delivery are often a go-to solution.

What Are the Rules for Installing New Mailboxes in Delaware?

Delaware mailboxes must follow the same rules and requirements laid out by the USPS for every other state. Before installing a new mailbox, developers will do well to check the DelDOT (Delaware Department of Transportation) rules as well to ensure that mail delivery is not interrupted and no danger to vehicles follows the installation of a mailbox.

Curbside mailboxes must stand 41 to 45 inches tall and stand 6 to 8 inches back from the road. Additionally, these mailboxes must be mounted on the same side of the road as others to allow for easy USPS delivery.

Wall-mounted mailboxes must be easy to find and have no obstructions or safety hazards around them.

4C mailboxes must also have no obstructions, be in a centralized or easy to access area, and follow the Americans With Disabilities Act. This means all customer compartments must be between 27 and 67 inches off the floor or ground, and no parcel locker can be lower than 15 inches from the ground level.

Can Custom Mail System Be Created in Delaware?

Yes. 4C mailboxes are designed for this type of customization. Wall-mounted, recessed, and freestanding models can all mount side by side and come with a varying number of tenant doors and parcel lockers. This allows property managers to create custom mail stations.

4B mailboxes cannot be purchased or installed for new installations when USPS delivery is desired. They can only retrofit or replace mailboxes of the exact same type.