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Indiana Mailboxes for Residential and Commercial Properties

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Mail delivery is a fact of life or should be. The need for safe and reliable delivery of mail and packages is a must in every state, including Indiana. With two and a half million households, this means just as many mailboxes, and that is only for residential properties. Businesses and commercial properties also need mailboxes, and often more package delivery than residential areas.

Everyone wants safe mail delivery, and mailboxes are a big part of keeping mail safe. They can also be attractive and boost the value of a property and help to attract new tenants no matter where they may live.

We serve the Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Evansville areas and everywhere in between. We proudly provide new, USPS-approved mailboxes for single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties. If any replacement parts are needed, we also provide everything from new doors, posts, flags, customer numbers, and much more.

Indiana USPS-Approved Mailboxes

Residential mailboxes for single-family properties may be limited to curbside mailboxes and wall-mounted units, but they have the most potential for customization out of all mailbox types. Curbside mailboxes especially can enhance the look of a property, and wall-mounted ones have this potential as well.

Curbside mailboxes come in a variety of makes, models, colors, and finishes. Despite this, they must be installed 6 to 8 inches back from the curb, and must stand between 41 and 45 inches tall, according to the USPS. Wall-mounted mailboxes must be in an obvious location, typically near a front door or above a porch. All mailbox types must be free of obstructions and not be damaged to the point where delivery becomes difficult.

Some Indiana locations may have their own regulations in addition to the USPS ones, such as in Hancock County. Check with your local authorities.

Locking models are available if mail theft is an issue, and multi-family curbside mailboxes may work well in some communities as they can cut down on maintenance and installation costs.

Indiana USPS-Approved Commercial Mailboxes

Centralized mailboxes work well for larger commercial properties and also for large communities such as apartment complexes. These mailboxes have multiple customer compartments inside one cabinet. They can recess into walls, stand alone, or simply mount to any vertical surface.

The newer 4C mailboxes are approved by the USPS for new installations and major renovations. The older 4B mailboxes, which usually have horizontal or vertical customer compartments, cannot be purchased for new installations. They can only be purchased to replace mailboxes of the exact same type and are not recommended as they are less secure and durable than the newer 4C mailboxes.

4C mailboxes work well in outdoor kiosks, on slabs of concrete, in lobbies, and in clubhouses, so long as they are installed in a centralized location or a location near the entrance to a property. They resist tampering and damage very well and will likely last for decades. Most come with parcel lockers for package delivery.

All 4C mailboxes in Indiana must follow the Americans With Disabilities Act. When installing, ensure no parcel locker is below 15 inches from ground level, and all customer compartments are between 28 and 67 inches from the ground or finished floor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indiana Mailboxes

How Do I Handle Package Delivery in Indiana?

For large communities and commercial properties, parcel lockers are an excellent choice for holding USPS-delivered packages. Customers receive a key to access the correct locker once a package is delivered and can retrieve packages at their convenience.

At least one parcel locker is required for every five units in apartments, and one per every ten on other properties.

Can I Create My Own Mail Station in Indiana?

Yes, but only with the new 4C mailboxes. These mailboxes can all mount side by side and come with a variety of tenant compartments. This allows property managers to purchase just enough units to meet tenant needs. More customer compartments and parcel lockers can be added to a centralized mail setup as needed.

Who is Responsible for Mailbox Repairs in Indiana?

In most cases, the property owner must handle mailbox replacement and repair. Some Indiana municipalities may handle mailbox repairs if damage was done by a municipal snowplow or other vehicle.

If damage occurs, the property owner can often purchase replacement parts such as posts, doors, or the mailbox itself. This can often be less expensive than replacing an entire mailbox. Repairs should be undertaken quickly, as the USPS will not deliver to mailboxes that are heavily damaged or destroyed.