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Home and Commercial Mailboxes in Virginia

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Having the right mailbox or centralized mail delivery system is a necessity no matter where you live, and Virginia is no exception. With a population of around 8.5 million people and many major cities such as Virginia Beach, the state’s homes, rental properties, and businesses will need new mailboxes, both for new construction and to replace aging units.

Homes and businesses tend to have different needs when it comes to mail volume and package delivery, which tends to increase every year. The good news is that there is a mailbox, or a centralized mail system, for every property.

We provide mailboxes for the Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach areas as well as everywhere in between. Not only do we provide mailboxes for every need and property, but we provide replacement parts and accessories as well. These can range from mailbox posts, cabinets, doors, locks, and much more.

USPS-Approved Residential Mailboxes in Virginia

Residential mailboxes here refer to simple wall-mounted and curbside mailboxes. These types are common in suburbs, rural areas, and some urban locations such as strip malls. Wall-mounted and curbside mailboxes work well for single-family homes. Multi-family curbside mailboxes, which have more than one compartment mounted onto one or two posts, work well for condo communities and strip malls.

Wall-mounted mailboxes are the easiest to install, and only need to be in an obvious location such as near a front door. Curbside mailboxes of all types must stand between 6 to 8 inches from the curb and be between 41 and 45 inches high to follow national requirements.

Curbside mailboxes are excellent for boosting a home’s curb appeal and value. They can be customized with a variety of colors, finishes, styles, and accessories. If extra security is needed, curbside mailboxes can come with locks as well, and for businesses, curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes can also come in larger sizes designed to hold higher mail volumes and small packages.

USPS-Approved Commercial Mailboxes in Virginia

Properties such as apartment complexes, communities, and large commercial properties will need to make use of a larger, centralized mail system for best results. Commercial mailboxes are those that are contained in one or more sturdy cabinets and mounted in the same location, such as a clubhouse, lobby, kiosk, or central hallway.

Commercial mailboxes contain multiple locking customer compartments and often parcel lockers as well. Two main types exist: the older 4B mailboxes and the newer 4C type. Today, the 4C mailboxes are approved by the USPS for new installations or renovations. 4B mailboxes can only be purchased to replace mailboxes of the exact same type or for private delivery. Both mailbox types can recess into walls, stand alone on concrete, or simply mount to a vertical surface.

It is best to install such mailboxes in a forward or central location on a property that is easy for the USPS and for customers to reach. Cabinets with varying numbers of tenant compartments, and even parcel lockers, can mount side by side to allow the property manager to create a custom “mail station.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Virginia Mailboxes

Who is Responsible for Damaged Mailboxes in Virginia?

Typically, the property owner or manager is responsible for repairing or replacing a mailbox, no matter what the type. Often, replacement parts will work well, but sometimes an entire mailbox needs replacing.

If the damaged or aging mailboxes are of the phased-out 4B type, which typically have horizontal or vertical compartments, it may be worth the cost to upgrade to the new 4C mailboxes, which are more durable and resistant to tampering than their 4B counterparts.

Are There Requirements for Installing 4C Mailboxes in Virginia?

Centralized mailboxes must follow the Americans With Disabilities Act. No parcel locker can be below 15 inches from ground height, and all customer compartments must be between 28 and 67 inches from the ground or floor. Allow three feet of space in front of each compartment for wheelchair users.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work in Virginia?

Parcel lockers typically come with 4C mailboxes and hold packages in locking compartments until each customer can access it. Once a package is delivered, the customer receives a key.

At least one parcel locker per ten compartments in any newly installed, centralized mail setup is needed, and this number is now one in five for apartments as of 2021. A property manager can add additional parcel lockers to an existing 4C system as package delivery increases.