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Home and Commercial Mailboxes in New York State

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New York State hosts one of the world’s busiest cities, as well as nearly twenty million people and many businesses. What this means is that a lot of mailboxes will be needed to handle both regular mail, business mail, and of course, packages.

All homes and businesses are different, meaning that the standard curbside mailbox will not suit every mail need. And when packages exchange hands, solutions will be needed for this as well. However, there exists the right mailbox for every home and business in New York.

We proudly serve the New York City, Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester areas as well as upstate and everywhere in between. There is a mailbox for every home, rental property, and commercial property. In addition, if any replacement parts are needed, such as mailbox locks, posts, flags, or address numbers, we have you covered as well.

USPS-Approved Residential Mailboxes in New York

The humble curbside mailbox and the wall-mounted mailbox will meet the mail needs of most New York homes, rental properties, and small businesses.

Wall-mounted mailboxes simply mount to a front door in an obvious location, and only need to be away from hazards such as aggressive animals. Curbside mailboxes simply stand near a curb, and they can come with one to eight customer compartments each. They can serve single homes or condo communities, or even a strip mall of businesses. Curbside mailboxes come in the standard size and in larger sizes for holding higher mail volumes.

For neighborhoods and communities, curbside mailboxes have a high potential for customization and enhancing the look of a community or rental property. Many property managers use them to increase the value of a home or condo. If security and mail theft are issues in an area, or if businesses handle sensitive mail, then locking curbside mailboxes are also available.

USPS-Approved Commercial Mailboxes in New York

Commercial mailboxes work well for larger businesses, college campuses, and other big commercial properties. But these mailboxes, which have multiple customer compartments in the same cabinet, are also ideal for apartments and some communities that would make good use of centralized mail delivery.

The 4C lines of mailboxes are the only ones approved by the USPS for new installations, as they’re more resistant to damage than their older, 4B counterparts. Consisting of horizontal customer compartments, they often include parcel lockers for holding packages as well.

4C mailboxes come as freestanding models, recess into walls, or simply mount to them. This means that they can be installed in places such as indoor clubhouses, outdoor kiosks, in central hallways, or even onto slabs of concrete. Property owners must use care to install them in easy to reach locations, and to provide adequate space and lighting for safety. Each customer compartment locks and has its own number.

Property managers must also ensure the ADA is followed. No parcel locker can be lower than 15 inches from the ground, and all customer compartments must be between 28 and 67 inches from the floor. Three feet of space in front of each compartment is also recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions about New York Mailboxes

What are the Regulations for Installing Mailboxes In New York?

All mailboxes in New York State must follow nationwide rules. Curbside mailboxes must stand 6 to 8 inches back from the curb, must be between 41 and 45 inches tall, and collapse in the event of a vehicle crash. According to NYSDOT, reinforcing mailboxes with bricks, steel poles, and other dangerous supports or decorations should be avoided on high-speed roads.

Can I Build My Own Mail Station in New York?

Yes, provided you are using the approved 4C mailboxes. The older 4B mailboxes are being phased out and can’t be purchased for new installations.

4C mailboxes can mount side by side if they are all the same type and have varying numbers of customer compartments. This means that property managers can purchase just enough of them to meet all tenant mail needs.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work in New York?

Package delivery is growing in recent years thanks to online shopping and commerce. This means that many apartments, communities, and commercial properties can make good use of parcel lockers for packages.

Parcel lockers range from 13 to 18 inches tall, are locking, and hold customer packages until pickup. Each customer receives a key from the USPS to access their locker. Afterwards, the USPS retrieves the key from the lock.

Usually, 4C mailboxes contain parcel lockers, but more can be added to a centralized mail setup with time.