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Colorado Mailboxes For Every Home and Business

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Colorado needs mail delivery just as much as every other state. With close to 6 million residents, Colorado is seeing drastic population growth in many counties as of 2021. This means that new homes, apartments, and businesses will need to be built.

With this new construction will come the need for new mailboxes. Virtually all properties require mail delivery from the USPS. This is especially true for the Denver area, which holds a large chunk of Colorado’s population.

Both residential and commercial mailboxes will be needed for new installations, and older units will need replacing as they wear out and suffer from damage. The good news is that we serve the Denver area as well as the rural areas of Colorado, and we provide not only the right mailbox for you, but replacement parts if you are responsible for fixing any damaged mailboxes.

USPS Approved Colorado Mailboxes

Curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes are the most common type of mailbox found in suburbs and smaller towns. These mailboxes make it easy for the USPS to deliver mail even in harsh weather conditions, so long as they are easy to find.

Curbside mailboxes can be single or multi-family and have one or two posts. They have the most potential for customization and to add to a property’s curb appeal. They come in many colors, styles, and materials. These boxes must stand 6 to 8 inches back from the road, and be 41 to 45 inches high, according to national rules.

Wall-mounted mailboxes must be easy to find and are typically mounted near a home’s front door. They work well on properties with smaller yards and in suburbs, where a USPS employee will not have to walk far to access it, and there are no obstructions such as aggressive dogs or locked fence gates. They can also be customized.

USPS Approved Centralized Mailboxes in Colorado

Since damage during the winter from snowplows and other vehicles is common in Colorado, it is good practice to use centralized mail delivery for a community or commercial property whenever possible.

For new installations, the 4C series of centralized mailboxes are required for USPS delivery. These horizontal customer compartments are contained in the same cabinet, and they come as wall-mounted, freestanding, and recessed models. 4C mailboxes tend to have parcel lockers as well. They work well in centralized locations and in apartment communities, commercial properties, and other areas that serve multiple tenants. They can install right on concrete, into walls, or onto vertical surfaces.

These mailboxes are meant to replace the older 4B units, which can no longer be purchased for new installations, and had square or vertical compartments. 4C mailboxes are more durable, secure, and resistant to tampering than their older counterparts. They also resist weathering and vehicle damage well. 4C mailboxes work well in urban areas with high traffic and they also protect mail from theft, which can also be common in cities such as Denver and Boulder.

To meet all USPS requirements, all customer compartments for these mailboxes must be between 28 and 67 inches from the floor. The bottom of each parcel locker cannot be more than 15 inches from ground level. This is to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorado Mailboxes

My Colorado Mailbox Got Damaged. Who is Responsible?

In most cases, the property owner has the responsibility to replace or repair a damaged mailbox in Colorado, as well as the rest of the country. Replacement parts are available for curbside, wall-mounted, and centralized mailboxes of all types.

However, if a mailbox gets damaged by a state snowplow, CDOT (The Colorado Department of Transportation) is responsible for replacing the mailbox.

Can I Create My Own Centralized Mail System in Colorado?

If you are using the new 4C mailboxes, the answer is yes. 4B mailboxes cannot be used for new installations.

4C mailboxes can mount side by side, no matter what the type, and are manufactured so that property owners and managers can build their own centralized mail systems and serve all the tenants they need. A variety of sizes are available, as well as a varying number of tenant doors.

What is the Best Way to Handle Packages in Colorado?

Parcel lockers often come with 4C mailboxes, and one is required for every ten customer compartments. For new apartment installations, one in five is required. Parcel lockers help to reduce package theft for USPS-delivered packages, as they are locking and very durable.

However, as package delivery increases, more parcel lockers can be purchased and added to an existing 4C mailbox setup.