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Arkansas Mailboxes: Everything You Need to Know

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Every state is different, but they have one thing in common: the need for mail delivery. USPS delivery is available in all fifty states, and Arkansas is no exception. With a population of just over three million, and nearly seventy thousand businesses, Arkansas needs a variety of mailbox types to meet its needs.

About two-thirds of Arkansas residents own their homes, while the other third rent. Commercial properties are also typically rented. Landlords must provide mailboxes to tenants, and often these are the multi-family or commercial type. Package delivery is also growing, which means that landlords and property managers must often provide a means for this to retain tenants.

We provide a variety of mailbox types to the Little Rock, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Bentonville, and Pine Springs areas, as well as to the rest of the state. Whether a single-family mailbox or a large, centralized mail system is required to meet the needs of customers, a solution is waiting.

Arkansas Mailboxes with USPS Approval for Families

Mailboxes for single families, or residential mailboxes, typically come as curbside models or as wall-mounted mailboxes. Curbside mailboxes are the most common type in smaller towns and in rural areas. Wall-mounted mailboxes usually work well in suburbs in larger cities such as Little Rock, where yards can be smaller and USPS employees only have a short walk to each home.

These mailbox types have a high potential to enhance curb appeal and raise the value of a property, as they can be customized with a variety of colors, styles, and materials. For condo communities, multi-unit curbside mailboxes, which have more than one mailbox mounted on a post, work well and come as attractive models.

If security is needed, locking boxes of both types are available, and some come larger than normal for higher volumes of mail. Some curbside mailboxes even work for small businesses.

Arkansas Mailboxes with USPS Approval for Communities and Commerce

Often, bigger solutions are needed for commercial mailboxes and for apartment and other large multi-family communities. Currently, only the 4C series of mailboxes are approved by the USPS for new installations and for delivery directly from the Postal Service.

These mailboxes have multiple horizontal compartments contained in the same sturdy cabinet and can have a few to dozens of tenant compartments each. Sizes vary, and these mailboxes can mount to walls, recess into a variety of surfaces, and stand alone as freestanding cabinets. Most come with at least one parcel locker as well.

In fact, one parcel locker is required by the USPS for every ten customer compartments, and for apartments, that requirement is now one locker for every five, so long as the 4C mailboxes are part of a new installation. This is true in Arkansas and nationwide.

4C mailboxes may be a common sight in cities such as Little Rock. They are used in both residential and larger commercial properties. The older 4B mailboxes, which usually have square or vertical compartments, can be found, but these are being phased out and can only be purchased to retrofit existing mailboxes of the same type. Upgrading to 4C models is recommended, as they are more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Arkansas Mailboxes

Can I Create a Custom Mail Station in Arkansas?

The new 4C mailboxes have this concern built into their design, and only these models have approval for new installations. Freestanding, wall-mounted, and recessed models are made to stand side by side. They also come with varying numbers of compartments and parcel lockers, allowing property owners to meet the needs of tenants.

4C mailboxes resist vandalism and other damage well, making them more secure than their older 4B counterparts, which cannot be used to customize centralized mail delivery.

Can I Add Parcel Lockers if Package Volume Climbs Here in Arkansas?

Parcel lockers, like 4C mailboxes, have customization in their design as they can mount beside existing setups to provide a safe place for package delivery. More can be added over time to meet tenant needs and improve safety, which will help with tenant retention.

Are There Regulations for Mailboxes in Arkansas?

Curbside mailboxes in Arkansas share the same regulations as they do nationwide. All mailboxes must sit 6 to 8 inches back from the curb and be on the same side of the road as all others. The bottom of each curbside box must be between 41 and 45 inches from the ground.

Commercial mailboxes must have the floor of each parcel locker no lower than 15 inches from ground level, and each customer compartment no lower than 28 inches. No customer compartment can be higher than 67 inches.