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All About Mailboxes For New Hampshire Homes and Commercial Properties

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New Hampshire needs mail delivery just like everyone else although it is a smaller state with just half a million people. However, New Hampshire has a population growing at about 3% every ten years, making the need for new homes, businesses, and of course mailboxes more present than ever.

Over two-thirds of those of New Hampshire own their homes, while the rest rent, and there are nearly forty thousand businesses who also need mailboxes. Owners, renters, and businesses all have different mailbox needs, and the good news is that there is a mailbox to solve virtually every mail issue, whether that be high volumes, packages, theft prevention, or even curb appeal.

We proudly serve the Concord, Manchester, and Portsmouth areas as well as everywhere in between. We provide single-family and commercial mailboxes for every need and property, as well as replacement parts such as mailbox doors, posts, locks, and address numbers should repairs be needed.

New Hampshire USPS-Approved Residential Mailboxes

Most neighborhoods and rural areas make use of the curbside mailbox or the wall-mounted mailbox when it comes to USPS delivery. These mailboxes are USPS-approved provided they are installed correctly and can be customized to enhance the curb appeal, and therefore the value, of any New Hampshire home.

Wall-mounted mailboxes are the easiest to install as they simply mount near a front door or above a porch, though they must be obvious from the street and easy to reach. Curbside mailboxes are also simple to install and have the best potential for customization.

They serve the needs of single homes, multi-family communities, and small businesses as well. Some can come as locking models, and commercial mailboxes can come as larger units to store a higher mail volume and even small packages. Condo communities can also make use of multi-unit curbside mailboxes, in which several mailboxes can mount to one or two posts. This approach may save on installation time and maintenance.

USPS-Approved New Hampshire Mailboxes for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties, which can be businesses, apartment complexes, retirement communities, and similar areas, can best make use of centralized mail systems. These mailboxes consist of one cabinet that houses multiple customer compartments, and these types of mailboxes typically mount side by side, allowing property managers to meet the needs of all tenants.

The 4C line of mailboxes is the only one approved by the USPS for new installations and renovations. When creating a custom mail station, only the 4C mailboxes can be used for this purpose. They hold horizontal customer compartments, each of which locks, and often include parcel lockers as well. They hold a varying number of customer compartments, allowing managers to purchase only the number they need to serve their tenants.

These mailboxes can come as recessed, wall-mounted, or freestanding units and are best installed in a central location such as a community clubhouse, office, front lobby, or even a concrete slab located near a front parking lot. 4C mailboxes are versatile and good for indoor or outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mailboxes in New Hampshire

How Do Parcel Lockers Work in New Hampshire?

Parcel lockers are often included with 4C mailboxes, and one is required for every ten customer units. For apartments, the number is now one in five as of 2021.

Parcel lockers hold customer packages, and when a package is delivered, the customer receives a key to access the locker.

These units can be purchased alone if a property manager needs to accommodate increasing package delivery on a property, and they can mount beside 4C mailboxes of the same type.

Which Type of Mailboxes Are Being Phased Out In New Hampshire?

4B mailboxes, while also centralized mailboxes, are being phased out nationwide. These mailboxes consist of square, horizontal, or vertical customer compartments. While serving the same purpose, they are not as durable, secure, or as resistant to weathering as the new line of 4C mailboxes. As of 2006, only 4C mailboxes are approved for new installations or renovations.

What Are the Requirements for Mailbox Installation in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, the installation requirements for all mailbox types are the same as they are nationwide. Curbside mailboxes must be between 41 and 45 inches tall for easy access and must stand 6 to 8 inches back from the curb.

For commercial (4C) mailboxes, no parcel locker can be lower than 15 inches from the floor surface, and all customer compartments must be between 28 and 67 inches from the floor or ground.