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Can Residential Mailboxes Be Customized?

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All residential mailbox types can be customized, and many residents use them to improve a home’s curbside appeal as the mailbox is part of a home’s first impression. The right mailbox can even help to improve a home’s value to prospective buyers. There are a variety of single and multi-unit residential mailbox types to choose from, and even wall-mounted mailboxes have the potential for beautiful customization.

Checking with your community for any rules and regulations may be a good idea before you customize a mailbox.

Layout Customizations. For curbside mailboxes, there are a few choices that can be made regarding the main design.

  • How many mailbox units do you need? Choosing a single-unit mailbox may allow for a few more customizations than otherwise, but choosing a multi-unit mailbox may lead to less labor and cost savings if you’re serving more than one family.
  • If you need newspaper receptacles, they can be added to your mailbox so long as they’re not touching, or supported by, your unit. Popular choices for these receptacles are to the side of a single mailbox or just underneath it.
  • Different post types are available and many come in elegant styles.
  • Column inserts are mailboxes where a stone or brick column acts as a post, and the mailbox is inserted inside of it. These mailboxes have an upscale look that is sturdy and adds to a home’s curb appeal.

Novelty Mailboxes. Single-unit, curbside mailboxes can be purchased in a variety of designs, ranging from in the shape of fish to miniature houses. Some wall-mounted mailboxes can feature artistic designs as well.

Accessories. Mailboxes come with a variety of accessories, with curbside models having the greatest potential for customization.

  • Address plates can come in a variety of finishes and display your address. They are typically made of metal and can be used on any type of mailbox.
  • Mailbox covers use magnetism to stick to your mailbox and feature a variety of fun prints.
  • Toppers can come in the shape of animals, houses, barns, and more, and can enhance a curbside mailbox’s design.
  • Locks can be added for extra security and to prevent mail theft. Many wall-mounted mailboxes are locking, but locks can be added to curbside mailboxes as well. These mailboxes will have delivery flaps.

Other Design Features. Virtually every aspect of a curbside mailbox can be chosen and customized, even without accessories.

  • Mailboxes, both curbside and wall-mounted, typically come in white or black, though bronze, metallic, green, and cream are also available.
  • A residential mailbox can come with a variety of finishes ranging from satin to plain metallic.
  • Accents can be added to flaps and doors, and these accents can turn a monochrome mailbox into a work of art. Bronze, brass, and nickel are common accents for doors and flaps.