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Are There Different Kinds of Residential Mailboxes?

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Yes. A residential mailbox is any type of mailbox that accepts USPS delivery for a residence or several residences. For the purpose of this FAQ, post mailboxes, multi-unit mailboxes, and wall mounted mailboxes will be discussed even though other types of mailboxes such as CBU’s, mail slots, and 4C horizontal mailboxes also accept residential delivery.

Perhaps the most common type of residential mailbox is the post mailbox, or curbside mailbox, which is a single unit placed near the road or street. This type of mailbox is mounted on a post and allows the USPS employee to drive up and deliver mail directly to the box. These mailboxes typically have flags to indicate that there is outgoing mail inside, when turned upward, and flap doors to allow the delivery of regular sized mail such as magazines and envelopes. Different models are available and many customizations can be made to this type of mailbox, making it a popular choice. These mailboxes are the most useful in rural areas, at residences with long driveways, or for yards with pathways that aren’t easy for a postal employee to navigate.

Wall mounted mailboxes are another type of mailbox found at residences. These mailboxes serve one customer and can be found on the wall near an entrance to a home. These boxes are large enough to hold at least a day’s worth of mail, have a flap near the top for delivery, and can be customized in many cases. They’re usually found in neighborhoods where a postal employee can walk from home to home quickly and safely.

Multi-unit mailboxes are groups of curbside mailboxes that are connected and serve multiple families, typically 2 to 4, or multiple businesses. They follow the same regulations as single unit curbside mailboxes and are typically found in newer neighborhoods, condominium communities, or in front of multi-family homes. They are a popular choice for community developers due to the money that can be saved versus installing an individual mailbox for each resident.