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What Types of Parcel Lockers Are There?

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It may feel confusing when it comes time to choose the right parcel locker for your apartment complex, condominium community, university, or workplace. This handy guide will help you choose the correct parcel locker.

Are you installing indoors or outdoors? Parcel lockers are typically built using aluminum, a durable material, and will last for many years. This makes them ideal for a range of locations, including apartment clubhouses, central outdoor locations, and mail kiosks.

Often, parcel lockers come with multifamily mailbox units as at least one parcel locker at least 15 inches high is required for every ten regular mail units. There will, however, be times when additional parcel lockers will be needed. All parcel lockers are designed to be installed beside regular mailbox compartments.

Indoor Use. Parcel lockers designed for use in indoor settings, such as clubhouses and offices, include:

  • Ladder 4C Parcel Lockers. These lockers come with a design that makes them stackable. A rack allows units to be placed on top of one another and the easy installation makes them an attractive choice.
  • Mountable 4C Parcel Lockers. These lockers are, as the name suggests, able to be mounted on a wall beside regular-sized mail units. Others are designed to be recessed into a wall, helping to save valuable space.

Outdoor Use. Parcel lockers are also ideal for central outdoor use by community residents. These locations can include outdoor mail kiosks or pedestals for stand-alone mailboxes.

  • Recessed 4C Parcel Lockers are best used in outdoor mail kiosks where a wall is available. They are installed into a wall, saving valuable space, and tend to come with USPS-approved horizontal mailbox units.
  • Outdoor Parcel Lockers come on pedestals and are mounted on a concrete slab. They are of very sturdy construction and are made to be installed beside cluster mailboxes in a central location.

Perhaps you are meeting USPS requirements for parcel lockers, but find that you need additional lockers for resident or business needs. Perhaps you are only serving a few customers but need added security, or perhaps you regularly receive large packages that don’t fit into standard parcel lockers. Different locker sizes are available to meet your needs, and these lockers can be installed beside existing ones. Lockers can also be ordered in a variety of setups.

  • Sizes range from 3PL (10 inches high) to 6PL (over 15″ high.) These lockers can handle a variety of package sizes. Please note that only 4.5PL lockers and up can meet the 1:10 ratio of parcel lockers to customer mailboxes set by the USPS.
  • Single, Double, Triple, and Beyond. Parcel lockers can be purchased alone or as double units and beyond.