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How are Parcel Lockers installed and how much do they cost?

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The cost and process of installing parcel lockers will depend on the type of locker, number of lockers, and location. Parcel lockers can be mounted alone on concrete slabs, recessed into a wall, mounted on a wall, or even placed on a rack with other lockers.

Installation. Once you know the location of where your new parcel lockers will go, the type of installation you’ll need will then depend on the type of locker. Knowing whether you’re installing for USPS or private delivery is also important.

Often, parcel lockers come with both outdoor and indoor mailbox setups, as the USPS requires one per every ten customer mail units. But sometimes, more parcel lockers must be added to accommodate customer needs or to meet requirements.

  • USPS vs. Private Delivery. For private delivery, such as within a university, you will receive the locks and keys for each parcel locker. For USPS delivery, you will be required to contact the USPS, who will install an arrow lock and handle the keys. You will also be required to follow USPS requirements when installing these parcel lockers. Contacting the USPS will also put the locker into service.
  • Outdoor Parcel Lockers (OPL’s). These pedestal lockers must be mounted on a concrete foundation and are typically installed beside other parcel lockers or regular mailbox units. Two people are recommended to complete this task. Concrete foundations must be at least 4 inches thick. If installed for USPS delivery, only USPS personnel can install the arrow lock.
  • Indoor Parcel Lockers (4C Lockers) can either be mounted directly to a wall (via bolts or a rack system) or recessed into a wall to save space. Rack systems offer perhaps the easiest method of installation as they are customizable and parcel lockers can be easily added or removed as needed. Recessed lockers will require an existing, cut-out hole in the wall or for a new one to be created.

Cost. Parcel lockers can range from several hundred dollars for a single unit to several thousand dollars. Factors that affect the cost are the number of units ordered, labor required to install, lock type, customization, and more.

  • Number of Units. A single unit will typically be cheaper than purchasing multiple units, though purchasing parcel lockers that come with multiple units may be cheaper and easier to install than purchasing several single units.
  • Lock Type. Manual locks are typically cheaper than electronic locks, though digital keypad locks can offer greater convenience.
  • Customizations. Another factor affecting the price of parcel lockers is the option to add custom engravings.