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For USPS Delivery, What are the Guidelines for Parcel Lockers?

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If parcel lockers are being installed for USPS delivery, then certain requirements must be met before they can start receiving packages. First, the USPS must be contacted when installing a new parcel locker. Only USPS personnel can install the arrow locks that will allow a mail carrier to deliver packages.

Many parcel lockers come with the 4C horizontal mailbox units and the outdoor cluster mailboxes that already meet USPS requirements. But whether you are planning to install new parcel lockers alone or as part of a larger setup, the following must be true:

  • There needs to be at least one parcel locker for every ten customer mail units.
  • This parcel locker being used to meet the 1:10 requirement needs to be at least 15 inches high.
  • Each parcel locker has to come with a number. Often these numbers have a the letter “P” after them to indicate a parcel locker.
  • No parcel locker can be closer to the floor or ground than 15 inches.

Once these requirements are met, or if there is no need to meet the 1:10 requirement (there are fewer than 10 customer mail compartments in a single setup) then additional parcel lockers can be installed to meet customer needs.

These additional lockers can:

  • Be PL3 or PL4 lockers, which range from 10″ to 13″ high, or larger PL4.5 to PL6 lockers (at least 15″ high.) However, PL3 and PL4 lockers can’t be used to meet USPS requirements.
  • Be installed as part of an existing setup or alone.
  • If these lockers are expecting USPS delivery, then they must also be at least 15″ from the floor or ground to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. This requirement is not necessary when installing for private delivery, but recommended.
  • Additional parcel lockers being installed for USPS delivery will need USPS personnel to install the locks.