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Are Parcel Lockers Useful For Universities and Workplaces?

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Parcel lockers can be a lifesaver for universities and companies whose employees prefer to receive their mail at work. Parcel lockers can also be useful for property owners who have multiple businesses renting parts of a building or complex.

For universities, the number of students and faculty alike make running mailrooms a time-consuming and expensive business. Students must rely on these mailrooms to receive their mail, including packages, and these rooms are often only open during normal working hours. This creates a situation where students often don’t have time to pick up packages, which can cause lost mail, clutter, and frustration.

Parcel lockers can solve many of these issues by:

  • Better organization. With reduction in clutter caused by packages, packages are less likely to get lost. When private delivery is used, a staff member will deliver packages to each parcel locker in a central location. This will prevent packages from sitting in a mailroom for days or weeks.
  • Less clutter. When used with an electronic tracking system, paper records will no longer be needed.
  • Improved convenience. Students will no longer have to wait for long periods of time to receive their packages. With the use of parcel lockers, each student will have their own key and be able to access their packages 24/7.
  • Improved security. Packages are no longer being left unsecured in a mailroom for lengths of time, reducing theft and damage to the contents.

For workplaces, parcel lockers can provide a secure means for employees to receive their valuable packages at work rather than having them delivered to their porch (and left unsecured) during business hours.

Buildings with multiple offices or businesses can also make use of parcel lockers, which offer:

  • Secure transportation of important materials. Office to office deliveries often cannot be left where anyone can access it.
  • Less clutter. For employees receiving their packages at work, parcel lockers will prevent the need to have boxes and other packages sitting on or near desks, giving the area a more professional look.
  • More free time. In large complexes and buildings, private package delivery to each office can be time-consuming. Having parcel lockers in one central area can cut down on the labor needed to sort and deliver packages, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.