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Are Parcel Lockers Good For Apartments and Other Communities?

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Apartment complexes and other multi-family communities are ideal places to install parcel lockers. Everyone has heard about package thieves and damaged contents that are often out of the USPS’s control. Installing parcel lockers for the residents of your apartment complex or community will provide benefits to you and those who live in your community.

  • You will save time. By installing parcel lockers, you will no longer have the need to spend valuable time sorting and handling packages for each resident if you have been doing so. People are ordering online more than they ever have, and now a property manager or other employee could be spending hours per day handling and delivering packages, taking valuable time away from other activities.
  • Your residents will thank you. Residents will no longer be reporting stolen packages, if the mail carrier has been delivering directly to their doors. If you have been handling the packages yourself, you’ll no longer spend additional time answering the phone from residents who are wondering if a package has arrived. Since residents can pick up their packages at any time, there will be no need to stay after hours or leave a vulnerable package on a porch or in front of a door.
  • Your local postal service worker will also thank you. Parcel lockers are easy to use, so your postal worker will be able to deliver them all to one easy, centralized place in most cases.
  • You’ll cut the clutter. No longer will you have stacks of packages on your office desk or taking up space on a daily basis. Parcel lockers can be installed indoors or outdoors, saving you valuable storage space. If you’re keeping paper records of each delivery, you’ll eliminate the need for those, too.
  • You will save money in the long run. Parcel lockers are secure and also very durable and weather resistant. They can be considered an investment despite sometimes having a high upfront cost. By cutting the time and labor required to sort packages, you’ll save money on labor and on maintenance/replacement costs.