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What are the benefits of buying multi-family mailboxes?

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If you’re a residential developer or a HOA looking to beautify your neighborhood and provide reliable mail delivery for your residents, look no further. Buying multi-family mailboxes have several benefits over traditional residential mailboxes. They are popular with community developers, homeowners’ associations, and condominiums for the following  reasons:

Cost. Overall, it costs less to install several multi-family mailboxes versus installing one single mailbox per home in a development. As there are fewer overall units to maintain, a developer or homeowners’ association will enjoy lower costs when it comes to replacing or repairing units.

Security. There are many locking models available which will help your residents avoid mail theft, identify theft, and mail tampering. These locking mailboxes include hopper doors for delivery and large access doors, allowing residents to receive small packages securely as well.

Resale value. Multi-family mailboxes can increase the resale value of a home, adding another benefit to the homeowner and/or property manager, especially if they provide locks for residents and are attractive.

 Ease of Delivery. A postal employee will require less time to deliver to your community than he or she would otherwise. The post office will thank you!

Aesthetics. Many multi-family mailboxes come in a variety of finishes and styles. Multiple colors are available for both the mailboxes themselves and the accents. These mailboxes can add to the beauty of your community and often come with two posts and an elegant design. Some models even come with lamps for improved safety and beauty.

Maintenance. As you will have fewer units to maintain, buying multi-family mailboxes will save you time and money. During winter weather, you will need to clear the spaces around fewer mailboxes provided that you own the property. You’ll also enjoy a decrease in maintenance cost over having one mailbox per home.

Resident/Tenant Satisfaction. Your residents or tenants will be pleased to avoid a long walk to check the mail, especially in adverse weather.