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What are multi-unit mailboxes and how do they work?

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Multi-unit mailboxes can technically refer to any type of commercial mailbox that has multiple units, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll be covering multi-family mailboxes, a type of residential mailbox.

Multi-family mailboxes, as you may guess, serve multiple families and are typically seen in front of condominiums and other multi-family homes. These units are mounted on a post (or posts) at the end of a driveway like traditional, single-family mailboxes.

With these mailboxes, you may find two, three, or four residential mailboxes sharing the same post or even two posts. These boxes are popular with homeowners’ associations and with developers due to their overall lower cost versus traditional single mailboxes. Unlike commercial mailboxes, they can add visual value to a neighborhood and have more styles available.

Multi-unit mailboxes are often also used in front of offices for smaller business complexes or strip malls.

There are a few different types available as well as a variety of styles. For the most part, they function the same as a single-unit residential mailbox and have the same requirements when USPS delivery is needed. Boxes themselves are spacious and allow for the delivery of larger mail, such as magazines.

Many multi-family mailboxes also come with compartments for newspaper delivery, usually located under the main compartments.

Locking mailboxes are available for those areas that need extra security to prevent mail theft and tampering. These mailboxes have a hopper flap to allow the postal employee to deliver mail and small packages and a locked access door to allow the resident or tenant to check their mail. Most of these models tend to be plain in design, making them more appropriate for office and business settings. However, decorative models with accents do exist.