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Can My Commercial Property Use Multi-Unit Mailboxes?

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Often, multi-unit curbside mailboxes are seen in front of multi-family homes or in condominium communities. However, they can be useful for commercial properties as well in some instances and can be more cost-effective than other options under certain conditions.

Your commercial property is serving just a few businesses. Since multi-unit mailboxes in general serve a few customers each, these curbside boxes can work well if your commercial property houses just a few businesses. The USPS can easily deliver paper mail to a small strip mall or small office building in this manner, provided the mailboxes are set up correctly.

The tenants of your property don’t receive many packages. If the businesses using your commercial property aren’t receiving many packages via the USPS, or are receiving most of their shipments through other means, multi-unit mailboxes may be a good solution for your needs. Multi-unit mailboxes may suffice if someone at your commercial property is receiving and distributing just a few packages without much time and effort or if your tenants are always open to receiving packages directly from the USPS.

However, if your businesses are receiving many packages, sometimes closed during delivery times, and need the extra security for other reasons, parcel lockers (and thus some sort of secure, centralized mail delivery in the form of 4C cluster, wall mount, or recessed mailboxes) may be a good idea.

The businesses renting your property are all close together. A small strip mall can consist of just a few tenants who will have no issues retrieving their mail from multi-unit mailboxes. This solution can save you money over installing multiple curbside mailboxes. If your tenants will need to walk a long way to retrieve their mail, another solution to your delivery needs, such as individual curbside mailboxes, may be a good idea.

You lack space for any 4C centralized delivery systems. Wall mount, recessed, and cluster mailboxes do have higher space requirements than multi-unit mailboxes which are always set 6-8 inches back from a curb. Wall mount and recessed units require bare walls while cluster mailboxes require concrete slabs for each unit.