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Can I customize multi-unit mailboxes?

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When it comes to presenting your community or rental property, a good first impression is key. Mailboxes are no exception to this rule, as they are situated in front of a home, office complex, or condominium and will be one of the first things potential renters or buyers will see.

Multi-unit mailboxes come in a variety of colors and many come with accented doors and hopper flaps. Everything from the mailboxes themselves to the post supporting them can be customized to create

Number of Mailboxes. Typically multi-unit mailboxes include two to four units, though mailboxes with five or six units are also available.

Colors. Common mailbox colors include white, black, almond, bronze, and metallic green. These can often be selected when you choose a mailbox style.

Accents. Mailbox doors and flaps often are made of brass, and can also come with following finishes (these will vary with the model type):

  • Polished Brass. This golden-yellow accent can brighten any mailbox.
  • Verde Brass. Verde Brass is a metallic, greenish accent.
  • Satin Nickel. As the name suggests, this is a silvery accent.
  • Antique Bronze. Coppery and deep, this accent, as its name suggests, gives your mailboxes an “antique” feel.
  • Almond Bronze. A deep brown, this accent can contrast well with lighter-colored mailboxes.
  • Black. This is a simple black accent that can make your mailbox doors blend in with darker-colored mailboxes or contrast with lighter-colored boxes.

Posts. There are different post styles for your mailboxes and posts can be purchased alone to replace a damaged unit.

  • All posts come with the means to mount mailboxes to them, making them replaceable on their own.
  • Many look like pedestals and some come included with lamps for lighting and beauty.
  • Single or double posts can be selected.
  • You may have the option to add a post cuff, which will hide the unit’s mounting point.

Accessories. In addition to selecting the color and accents of your mailboxes, you’ll have the option of selecting accessories as well.

  • Newspaper Holders. These are sometimes included with your multi-family mailboxes as part of the unit, but in some cases they can be ordered as an accessory to your mailboxes.
  • Address Plaques. These plaques can come in a variety of accent colors, just like with doors and flaps.
  • Text Color. In many cases, you can choose the color of your address text.
  • Locking Inserts. This adds a locking compartment to any standard mailbox.