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Does USPS Allow Locking Mailboxes?

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) plays a crucial role in delivering mail and packages to millions of Americans every day. With concerns about mail theft and privacy, many individuals wonder whether they are allowed to install locking mailboxes to secure their mail. In this FAQ, we will explore the regulations and guidelines set by USPS regarding locking mailboxes.

The USPS does allow homeowners and businesses to use locking mailboxes for their mail delivery. Locking mailboxes provide an added layer of security, helping to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive mail and packages. However, there are certain requirements and specifications that must be followed to ensure compliance with USPS guidelines.

Firstly, it is important to note that locking mailboxes must meet the standards set forth by USPS. These standards are outlined in the USPS Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) and can be found on the USPS website or by contacting your local post office. The DMM specifies the acceptable design, size, and installation requirements for locking mailboxes.

When selecting a locking or high-security mailbox, it is essential to choose one that is USPS-approved. These mailboxes are designed to meet the necessary security standards while still allowing postal carriers to deliver mail without complications. Look for the “USPS Approved” label or check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compliance.

Installation of a locking mailbox should also follow USPS guidelines. The mailbox should be securely mounted in a location easily accessible by the postal carrier. It should be positioned at the appropriate height and distance from the curb or street, with a clear path for the carrier to approach and access the mailbox.

It’s important to note that while locking mailboxes can provide added security, they do not guarantee complete protection against mail theft. Determined thieves can still find ways to gain unauthorized access. Therefore, it is recommended to take additional precautions, such as promptly retrieving mail, using tracking services for packages, and reporting any suspicious activity to local authorities or USPS.