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Why Install Cell Phone Lockers?

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Cell phone lockers are increasingly becoming popular. These days, almost everyone has a cell phone and in many environments, safe storage of these devices, as well as tablets and sometimes laptops, is a must for employees and customers.

Cell phone lockers come in setups similar to wall mount, metal mailboxes. They can also come as free-standing units. The compartments are generally small (often just 5 inches deep) and ideal for small electronics and other personal items. Larger compartments can house tablets and laptops.

Some places that may benefit from cell phone lockers include:

  • Gyms and health clubs. Many customers do not want to work out on heavy equipment while bogged down with phones, keys, and other personal items. Allowing safe storage and peace of mind will bring customers back again and again for years to come.
  • Many schools don’t allow cell phones during classes, and providing safe storage for these devices during normal hours will prevent thefts and reduce distractions during class time. Students will also still be able to access phones during emergencies.
  • Installing cell phone lockers will provide employees with peace of mind when it comes to their belongings during the work day.

What options do cell phone lockers provide? These lockers can come in a few different setups and finishes:

  • Aluminum is a common and durable material for these lockers and offers security. Wood finishes are also available which may work well for more upscale and office settings.
  • Silver, black, tan, white, and similar colors are available. Some cell phone locker units come with wood trim in varying colors as well.
  • Mounted vs. Stand-Alone. Mounted cell phone locker units are designed to rest against a wall and may be ideal for saving space. Stand-alone units are also available if no wall space can be found, or if these lockers will be placed in a central location.
  • Number of Compartments. Locker units with several compartments to sixty doors are available. Compartment size varies to accommodate small items such as cell phones all the way up to laptops.