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What are phenolic lockers and what are their benefits?

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You may have heard of the term “phenolic.” Phenolic lockers are generally made of plastic or resin rather than metal or wood, and come with steel fasteners which provide further durability. This material is desired because not only is it strong and durable, but unlike wood and metal, is also resistant to moisture and corrosion. Phenolic lockers are also good for reducing the growth of bacteria in moist environments. But their usefulness can extend to a variety of environments such as:

  • Pools, locker rooms, and saunas. These lockers are ideal for resisting the damp environment of these places. In addition, it is possible users will hang damp bathing suits and towels inside, and the material will resist any dripping that occurs.
  • Health clubs. Not only are phenolic lockers resistant to water damage, but their sturdy construction also makes them impact resistant.
  • Country clubs and office bathrooms. Not only will phenolic lockers last for a long time due to their sturdy construction, but they come in a variety designs with can fit well in an office environment and provide aesthetics.

What are some other benefits provided by phenolic lockers?

  • Less maintenance. Due to their sturdy construction, these lockers will last a long time and require little maintenance, reducing their cost over time.
  • A huge variety of colors and types. Due to their material, these lockers can come in all colors of the rainbow and even with faux wood finishes, making them usable for offices and even to complement a school’s color palette.
  • Easy installation. Tearing out parts of walls to install these lockers is not necessary. Installation is as easy as spacing the lockers and drilling a few holes, then inserting a few screws.
  • The legs can be adjusted. This can help with installation when you have floors that are not even or if you need to adjust a locker to meet the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • They are adaptable. Phenolic lockers can be placed alone or together against a wall, or even back to back in the center of a room. There is no limit to how many can be placed side to side, and more can be added to a setup if necessary.
  • Phenolic lockers are easy to clean and resistant to chemicals. Thanks to their construction, they are not easily scratched or stained by cleaning supplies, nor does water do any damage.