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Can I Use Lockers to Enhance the Look of My Facility?

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Yes. Gone are the days where all lockers were simple, metal, and often covered in graffiti. While metal lockers are still available and useful for many settings such as schools and construction sites, they do not have to be the color of metal and can in fact come in many fun colors and sizes. Other customizations exist as well and even your locker type can vary based on the mood and setting of your facility.

Create A Bright Environment For Kids. Lockers now come in colors ranging from bright red to deep blue, making them ideal for schools serving younger children and even for classrooms. Lockers of varying heights can also contain coat hooks and shelving for items such as shoes.

Celebrate Your Sports Team With the Right Colors. Phenolic and metal lockers can both come in a variety of bright colors, making it easy to choose one to celebrate your school’s sports team. Different colors can also complement the palette of a gym or health club.

Or Celebrate Your Sports Team With Accessories. Name plates and number plates are available for lockers as well, making a team’s locker room organized.

Go For An Upscale Look With Wood. Wooden lockers are good choices for health clubs and offices where a classy appearance is desired. When purchasing wooden lockers, you’ll also have the chance to choose a wood grain and color that matches well with the rest of your facility. Some come with a laminate finish, adding to the atmosphere of a health club. Wooden lockers also cannot rust, making them a good aesthetic choice.

Don’t Forget the Right Locker Room Benches. Locker benches can be ordered in a variety of wood types, colors, and finishes. Metal benches are also available. Benches can complement or contrast with the lockers you have installed for your facility.