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Are Metal Lockers Right for Me?

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Metal lockers are, simply put, lockers made out of said material, often steel. They can come vented or unvented, and come with anywhere from one to six tiers per locker. They are useful in a variety of environments and have become increasingly popular in recent years not only in schools, but on industrial sites and other work spaces as well.

To decide if metal lockers are right for your school or company, see the benefits below:

  • They can be ordered and assembled quickly. Metal lockers can be ordered assembled or unassembled. Ordering unassembled lockers typically means very fast shipping which in turn means fulfilling a need for lockers in only a few days, say, on a work site or for new employees.
  • They are durable. Outside of very moist environments such as locker rooms which can lead to corrosion, metal lockers can take a lot of abuse and last a long time. These lockers can have thinner walls thanks to the strength of steel.
  • Buying them can be environmentally conscious. Steel lockers in particular can always be recycled even when lockers reach the end of their useful lives, meaning that they will not contribute to a landfill if disposed of properly.
  • Many types are cost effective. Purchasing individual lockers and installing them side by side can ultimately cost less in maintenance in the long run, as individual lockers and parts can be replaced if needed, rather than replacing an entire joined unit. Metal also tends to be a more inexpensive material than others available on the market.
  • They are secure. Metal lockers allow for padlocks or key locks. Digital locks, alarms, and keypad locks are also available.
  • They can be customized. Shelves can often be moved up and down while new ones can be ordered and installed. Metal lockers can be painted in various colors as well. Lockers can also be ordered with one tier (ideal for hanging clothing and storing equipment) and up the six tiers (good for storing employee lunches and purses.)