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What’s the process for installing commercial mailboxes?

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Installing a commercial mailbox may seem complicated, but if you follow certain steps, it can be quite simple and can save time and money.

Step One. First, you’ll want to choose and purchase the best commercial mailbox(es) for your apartment complex, community, campus, or office. Know how many units you need and where you want to mount or recess them.

Step Two. Specify who’s delivering. If you’re purchasing mailboxes for private use, rather than direct USPS delivery, you’ll receive the keys with your units and the locks already installed, as you will be distributing the keys to employees.

If you’re purchasing mailboxes for direct USPS delivery, the postmaster will be handling the lock installation and the keys.

Step Three. Make sure your mailbox is USPS approved, if applicable. Be sure to contact your postmaster when purchasing a mailbox to ensure that they will deliver, especially if you’re replacing a vertical unit or an older horizontal (4B) unit. These older units will require post office approval before installation and can only be used to replace identical units, unless you are purchasing them for private delivery.

Step Four. Prepare to install. Installation itself will differ depending on what type of commercial mailbox you are purchasing.

  • Cluster mailboxes will need to be set in concrete and in an outdoor location.
  • Many horizontal and vertical mailboxes will need to be recessed into a wall opening. Others can simply be mounted.
  • If buying a 4B horizontal unit or a vertical unit, they will need to be recessed into the same, unmodified wall opening as the unit you’re replacing if you are installing them for direct USPS delivery.

Step Five. Follow the regulations, if applicable. This does not apply to mailboxes installed for private use. If your units will get delivery from the USPS, the following rules must be followed:

  • Make sure at least one compartment is no higher than 48 inches from floor level.
  • Ensure no parcel lockers are closer than 15 inches to the floor.
  • No customer compartments are allowed to be lower than 28 inches from the floor level.
  • The master lock must be located between 36 and 48 inches from the floor.
  • 67 inches from the floor is the maximum allowed height for any customer compartment lock.