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What are the requirements for commercial mailboxes?

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Commercial mailboxes of all types require approval from your local postmaster before they can accept delivery. The good news is that commercial mailboxes are typically pre-approved by the USPS and require less scrutiny than a typical curbside residential mailbox. In fact, they’re manufactured with USPS requirements in mind and any new prototypes must be approved by the USPS before they are put up for sale. As of 2006, all new multi-unit building plans and major renovations must follow the STD-4C regulations, which is a set of standards set by the USPS for the installation of commercial mailboxes.

Parcel Lockers. These compartments are designed to accept the delivery of smaller packages, and all new commercial mailboxes must contain one parcel locker per ten customer compartments. An exception can be made if packages can be accepted in some other fashion, such as at a staff desk.

Compartments. Customer compartments must be:

  • At least 12″ wide and 15″ deep.
  • In addition, each compartment should be at least 3″ high.

This helps accommodate larger mail sizes and prevents damage to mail such as folding and bending.

Security. To help avoid mail theft, regulations now require mailboxes to be:

  • Constructed from sturdy materials and to have improved lock design.
  • In addition, rear-loading mailboxes need to be installed in a secured room.
  • In the case where the postal employee must deliver mail to each compartment separately, the employee must be provided with a key to access the secured mail room.
  • Mailboxes are also required to have powder-coat finishes, which helps to protect against corrosion and wear from weather.

Dimensions. New commercial mailboxes must comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. This means:

  • At least one customer compartment can’t be more than 4 feet (48 inches) from floor level. No parcel locker can be below 15 inches from floor level.
  • In addition, no customer compartments can be less than 28 inches from floor level and no customer lock can be above 67 inches from the floor.
  • The master lock must also be between 3 and 4 feet above the finished floor.

This allows all customers to easily access their compartments.