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What can be placed in a USPS Collection Mailbox?

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If you have a blue collection mailbox near you that belongs to the USPS, you may wonder what you can and can’t place inside the mailbox. There are rules and regulations relating to what’s allowed inside one of these mailboxes, set forth by the USPS.

What Regular Mail is Accepted?

Most regular, domestic mail can be sent out using a USPS collection mailbox, provided that it’s within a ten-ounce weight limit and bears the right postage. The postage can include the right number of stamps, metered postage, or PC postage.

Online postage works for domestic mail that is dropped into collection mailboxes.

Business reply mail will be accepted in a postal service collection mailbox. This mail is designed to fit inside these mailboxes and meet the requirements, so there is nothing extra for you to do.

Can International Mail be Dropped in A Collection Mailbox?

Yes. International mail should be under ten ounces and under a half inch thick. Mailing items such as letters and postcards are the same process as mailing domestic mail.

Which Packages Can I Drop Off?

Only smaller-sized packages will fit inside a collection mailbox due to the slot size. Be sure that your packages are under ten ounces, unless you are mailing to an APO, DPO, or FPO location and are paying with a method other than postage stamps. In this case, the weight limit is sixteen ounces, provided you aren’t required to use a customs form.

Can I Put in Prepaid Mail?

Prepaid mail and packages are allowed to be placed in USPS collection mailboxes. The only exception is mail that contains restricted items, such as hazardous liquids or live animals.

What Won’t the USPS Accept in a Collection Mailbox?

Avoid placing any regular, domestic mail inside a collection box that weighs more than ten ounces, with few exceptions (see above.) You’ll also want to avoid using a collection mailbox to mail any parcel that’s more than a half inch thick, regardless of the destination.

Be sure to avoid international mail with incomplete customs forms, and also international mail where the customs form needs postage. Also refrain from using collection boxes to mail anything over 10 ounces to APO, DPO, and FPO addresses if you’re using only stamps as postage.