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Why Should I Invest In Cluster Mailbox Units?

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Cluster mailboxes may have a higher upfront cost than other types of mailboxes, but they have many benefits and may save a landlord or commercial property owner time and money in the long run due to their durable design. Other than the need to keep the area around these units unobstructed, there are few disadvantages to using CBU’s.

Here are some advantages to investing in CBU’s:

  • They’re usable everywhere. Cluster mailboxes can easily eliminate the need to build a clubhouse or extra mail kiosk when one is not needed. All that is needed to install a CBU is a concrete slab of the right dimensions, preferably set in a central location of an apartment complex or row of businesses. They can be installed side by side, so long as each unit has its own slab, and can be used this way to fulfill the delivery needs of dozens or more residents.
  • Less labor. Cluster mailbox units arrive with their pedestal, which only needs to be bolted into an existing concrete slab before the CBU itself is installed on the top of the pedestal. If no concrete slab is available, however, one will need to be poured. The time needed to install a CBU will be less than that of installing dozens of individual mailboxes or even several multi-family mailboxes.
  • Simpler delivery and better security. Your USPS delivery person will thank you for having all of your mailboxes in the same place, and delivery will be quicker with less room for errors. Package theft will be greatly reduced with the use of parcel lockers which come with most CBU’s.
  • Convenience. Customers will also be able to retrieve their mail at their convenience, as each customer will receive their own key to their own unit. In some apartment complexes and commercial buildings, an employee must distribute mail to all tenants, but CBU’s will eliminate this need and save employee time.
  • Durability. CBU’s are built to withstand the weather and other physical damage. This will protect the mail inside and eliminate the need for replacement for a long time to come. Having one to several CBU’s to handle mail delivery to dozens of families will also save on maintenance costs in the long run: maintaining a few cluster mailbox units will cost less than maintaining many smaller mailbox units.
  • They can replace some outdated units. If you have an old neighborhood delivery collection box unit that is beginning to fall apart, it must be replaced with a modern cluster mailbox unit when the time for replacement arrives.

CBU Feature and Maintenance Videos:

Watch informative videos that will help you understand the full potential of cluster box units. Whether for commercial or residential use, CBUs are so versatile for any property.