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How are Cluster Mailbox Units Installed?

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Cluster mailboxes can be installed in a short amount of time, provided that you have a helper and the right tools. Having a concrete slab ready will also speed the process. If you have obtained a USPS-approved unit, part of the work is already done.

Every manufacturer may be different, so consult their instructions. When preparing to install your new CBU, make sure that you do the following:

  • Choose the correct unit. Knowing how many customers will need USPS delivery is the first step.
  • Choose the location of your unit(s.) A centralized location is a must, and no customer should have to walk more than one block to receive their mail. If you have a concrete pad ready, that location may be the best for your new CBU unit.
  • Contact the USPS to approve the site. Before installation, a USPS employee will come to your location and ensure that the site you’ve chosen meets all requirements.
  • Ensure that your concrete pad meets the requirements. Whether you’re using an existing pad or pouring a new one, consult your local codes for guidance.
    • All pads that already exist should be 48×48 inches, and at least 4 inches thick. Existing pads cannot be damaged in any way, and anchor bolts cannot be damaged either.
    • Smaller concrete pads require a greater thickness. Pads that are 47×47 or more only need to be 4 inches thick, while pads that are 39×39 need to be 8 inches thick.

Once your site is prepared for your new unit and your concrete pad is dry, installation is ready to begin.

  • The pedestal is mounted first by drilling holes, installing a gasket on the concrete, and placing the pedestal. Make sure the pedestal is level.
  • Using at least two people, the cluster unit itself is moved onto the pedestal and installed. One installer will hold the pedestal in place while the other will install the unit using included hardware.

The third step to installation entails contacting the post office to install the locks and handle the keys. Ensure all keys to the customer units are working properly. If they are, contact the USPS to handle installing the other locks. A USPS employee will come out to install the master arrow lock and the parcel locks.

CBU Feature and Maintenance Videos:

Watch informative videos that will help you understand the full potential of cluster box units. Whether for commercial or residential use, CBUs are so versatile for any property.