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Can CBUs Be Customized?

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Cluster box units (CBU) aren’t as customizable as residential mailboxes and wall-mounted mailboxes, partly due to their sturdy design. However, they do come in a variety of colors and a few different styles, and the right unit can be purchased for your needs.

No matter which CBU you purchase, it will come with the following:

  • A pedestal meant for mounting the unit on a concrete slab
  • At least one parcel locker for every ten customer compartments
  • Durable construction and a satin finish for resisting the weather
  • USPS pre-approval, if the unit you are purchasing is not a 4C pedestal unit. 4C pedestal units are similar to CBU’s but require USPS approval before they are purchased and installed, if you intend to have the USPS deliver to these boxes.
  • Security. All CBU’s are locking and made to be accessed only by the customer and the postal employee.
  • Individual compartments large enough to handle mail such as catalogs and magazines. These are typically 3 inches high and just over 12 inches wide.

When it’s time to purchase your cluster mailbox unit, there are a few options to think about. Knowing how many units you will need now and in the future is of utmost importance, but there are a few other considerations.

  • Compartment number. Cluster mailbox units typically come with 8 to 16 customer units meant for receiving regular mail. The most common unit has 16 compartments and 2 parcel lockers as it is the most cost-effective model and the best use of space. However, CBU’s can be purchased with as few as four compartments or as many as four parcel lockers.
  • Accessories. CBU’s typically include parcel lockers, but sometimes more package delivery capacity is needed. Additional parcel lockers can be purchased with pedestals and mounted beside other CBU’s for added security. These typically come with 2 or 4 units.
  • High security versus decorative. Standard CBU’s are the norm, but high-security models also exist. These models are meant to prevent mail theft and come with a more secure master door that is highly resistant to tampering. All customer compartments come with reinforced rods and metal gates, and the pedestal on these models is made of stainless steel. Decorative models have a more aesthetic design than other units and can be used to complement a community or business.
  • Colors. Cream, black, gray, white, and green are common colors for CBU’s.
  • Unit numbers. You will have the choice between ordering standard numbers on your units or engraved numbers.

CBU Feature and Maintenance Videos:

Watch informative videos that will help you understand the full potential of cluster box units. Whether for commercial or residential use, CBUs are so versatile for any property.