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Are There Requirements for Cluster Mailbox Units?

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Yes. The USPS has several requirements for CBUs. The good news is that CBU’s are made with these regulations in mind, and are purchased pre-approved for USPS delivery. The manufacturer makes cluster mailbox units with the following requirements in mind:

  • There must be at least one parcel locker per ten customer units. More can be installed or included as an option. Additional units can be purchased in the event that this requirement is not being met. There is no maximum limit on parcel lockers.
  • The Americans With Disabilities Act and the USPS lay out requirements that all cluster mailbox units are designed to meet, provided they are installed correctly:
    • The lowest parcel locker cannot be more than 15 inches from ground level.
    • At least one customer unit must be within 48 inches of ground level.
    • No customer lock can be higher than 67 inches from ground level.
    • No customer compartment can be lower than 28 inches from ground level
    • The master lock must be between 36 and 48 inches from level ground.
  • For new or remodeled apartment complexes, centralized mailboxes must be included. This requirement can be met by installing one or more CBU’s. The same applies to new office and commercial buildings where direct USPS delivery will be needed.

The area where you place your cluster mailbox unit must also be approved by the USPS, and you should contact your postmaster to have your site approved before installation. For outdoor cluster mailboxes:

  • The unit must be in a safe, easy-to-access location. There must be enough space for a USPS employee to easily deliver mail, and customers should not have to walk more than one block to receive their mail.
  • A canopy and outdoor lighting should be included with CBU’s to protect from the weather and improve safety.
  • The area around a cluster mailbox unit must be cleared of obstructions and dangers such as ice.

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