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Which Address Should I Use For My Business, And How Does It Affect My Choice In Mailboxes?

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Determining which address to use for your business is important not only with matters of connecting with customers, opening bank accounts and registering your business, but also when it comes to receiving your mail, such as bills, legal paperwork, invoices, packages, and payments securely.

There are three options when it comes to choosing your business address. You can use a P.O. box, but carriers other than USPS cannot deliver to these and some government forms won’t allow P.O. boxes to be used as your business address. This can make running your business more difficult than it should be.

Commercial locations are the best choice as it eliminates these issues, but an at-home mailbox can also work in some situations.

A commercial location. If you’re running a business out of an office building or any other commercial location, you’ll want to use that address for better security. This is also a good idea for larger businesses. Using a commercial location as your business address will give you more options for what type of mailbox you choose versus using your home address. Some benefits include:

  • Being able to purchase and use durable locking mailboxes that can also receive packages
  • Sharing the cost of multi-unit mailboxes with others who may be renting the same building
  • The ability to have an employee collect mail

Home. If you run a small business or are just staring, your home address is fine, and this allows you to save on costs at first. Wall mount, curbside, and door slot mailboxes will all work for the time being.

Regardless of which address you choose to use, remember that for curbside mailboxes, you’ll need to have your address on the front of or on the flag side of the mailbox, and each letter and number must be at least an inch high.