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What Kind Of Mailboxes Are Best For Businesses?

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Door Slots. Door slots are simply slots installed into doors and can work well for delivery directly to individual offices or businesses. Installation is relatively easy and there are not many USPS requirements to consider. Door slots are also relatively inexpensive.

Wall Mount Mailboxes. These mailboxes are simply mounted to the outside of a home or business, and are best suited for small businesses or businesses run out of a  home. Perhaps the best part about wall mount mailboxes are their ease of installation, relaxed requirements, and relatively low price. Wall mount mailboxes need to be mounted in an area easy for a postal employee to reach, but there are no strict requirements on dimensions

Curbside Mailboxes. These mailboxes stand on the right-hand side of a road and can come in a single unit or together in multiple units. They are relatively simple to install but come with stricter requirements than wall mount mailboxes. Curbside mailboxes are a good option for small businesses or a group of small businesses sharing the same plaza or building. However, USPS requirements must be met to receive delivery.

Horizontal and Cluster Mailboxes. These mailboxes are best suited to buildings or plazas that house a lot of businesses or offices. These mailboxes have the benefit of being pre-approved by the USPS and are typically installed in kiosks, mounted on walls, recessed into walls, or in the case of cluster mailboxes, mounted on concrete slabs.

Vertical Mailboxes. These mailboxes consist of vertical units, typically 3 to 10 units, with each compartment serving one customer. They can serve several offices sharing the same building. These mailboxes can only be used to replace aging units of the same type and number if you are seeking USPS delivery. However, vertical mailboxes can be purchased for private delivery–say, for a situation where one employee will receive the mail and distribute it to each business or office in a building.