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How Much Do Business Mailboxes Cost?

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Cost is one factor to consider when purchasing mailboxes for your business (or the businesses renting your space.) Factoring into overall cost is maintenance, installation, and the cost of the mailbox units themselves. In some cases, installing a simple door slot or wall mount mailbox can be the cheapest option, but if you are installing mailboxes for multiple businesses, a greater initial investment for durable, multi-unit mailboxes may save on maintenance costs and time later.

Door Slots and Wall Mount Mailbox Costs. These single-unit mailboxes may be the best and most cost-effective option for single small businesses.

  • For door slots, the cost typically runs between 30 dollars on the low end to over 100 dollars per unit. This does not include the cost of the tools needed for installation or any hired help. The cost is relatively low for a single door slot, but if you are serving multiple businesses, the costs can add up quickly.
  • For wall mount mailboxes,  the cost can run between 15 dollars for a low end model to over 100 dollars for a secure, locking wall mount mailbox. As these boxes are mounted, installation costs should be overall low.

Curbside Mailbox Costs. When considering curbside mailboxes, one very important thing to consider is the number of businesses you’re serving. Other costs to consider is the pouring of concrete and maintenance, as damage can occur and replacements can be needed. If you’re purchasing mailboxes for multiple businesses, you may want to consider multi-unit mailboxes and secure, locking mailboxes to minimize maintenance costs and loss in revenue due to mail theft in the future.

  • Single Mailbox costs, including the post, can run between 40 dollars and several hundred dollars for more attractive, secure models.
  • Multi-Unit Mailbox costs generally run between 200 and 1000 dollars for the entire kit depending on how many units are needed. However, buying a single multi-unit mailbox can save on maintenance costs versus buying several single mailboxes.
  • Individual components of these mailboxes (posts, mailboxes, ect.) can be replaced, reducing maintenance costs.

Horizontal, Cluster, and Vertical Mailbox Costs. These mailboxes have a higher up-front cost but are sturdy and secure, reducing maintenance costs in the future.

  • Cluster Mailbox costs generally start around just over 1000 dollars. This does not include the cost of pouring a concrete slab, but cluster mailboxes are secure, contain parcel lockers, and are very durable, minimizing maintenance.
  • Horizontal Mailbox costs can range from around 140 dollars for a single unit recessed into a wall to just under 2000 dollars for units with 16 compartments. Free-standing mailboxes of this type can run from 700 dollars to around 2500 dollars but are easier and cheaper to install as they don’t need to be recessed into a wall.
  • Vertical Mailbox costs range from around 200 dollars for a three or four compartment unit to about 300 dollars for units with more doors. Compared to installing door slots for multiple offices in a building, they can be cheaper in both installation and maintenance, but can only be purchased to replace existing units of the same type or purchased for private delivery.