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How do I install a mailbox for my business?

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Installing some types of mailboxes are easier than others. Installing a wall mount mailbox will consist merely of mounting it to a wall on the side of your building, while installing cluster mailboxes will require the pouring of cement before mounting your unit or units. Below are some very general instructions on how to install each type of mailbox you may use for your business.

Door Slots. This is perhaps the easiest installation you can perform out of all the mailbox types. You’ll need a door, a ruler, and cutting tools.

  1. Measure the center point of the door, and measure a line at least 30 inches from the floor. (This is important to meet USPS regulations.)
  2. Hold the mail slot against the center point and trace the hole you’ll be cutting with a pen.
  3. Measure between the edge of the mail slot and the inner flap, then mark these on the door.
  4. Drill starter holes, then cut the hole for the flap by following the line for the inner flap.
  5. Mark and drill the bolt holes and install the flap by inserting it and the lugs into the door.

Wall Mount Mailboxes. These are perhaps the simplest mailboxes to install, and must be on the outside of your business in an easy-to-reach location.

  1. Mark the outside wall and experiment with the mailbox until you find a good spot.
  2. Now, drill the holes and secure the moutning hardware that came with the mailbox.
  3. Hang your mailbox.

Curbside Mailboxes. Once you know you’re following USPS regulations, install your curbside mailbox by doing the following:

  1. Dig a hole between one and two feet deep and insert the post.
  2. Fill in the hole(s) or pour concrete up to a few inches from the ground’s surface. Adjust the mailbox if necessary.
  3. Allow the concrete to dry, then cover it with dirt.
  4. Mount the mailbox and newspaper receptacle, if you’re using one.

Horizontal and Vertical Mailboxes. These will vary, as some are mounted in walls, some are recessed into walls, and others are housed in kiosks. Ensure you’re following USPS regulations regarding compartment height, lock height, and minimum/maximum height from the floor. If installing vertical mailboxes, ensure the position and mounting of the vertical mailboxes is the same as those you are replacing or the USPS will not deliver. Once installed, contact your post office so they can send someone to install a master lock as well as locks for parcel lockers.

Cluster (or Pedestal) Mailboxes. These will always be installed outdoors on a concrete slab. These boxes are approved by the USPS and the very general steps to installation are:

  1. Pour a concrete slab (consult manufacturer’s instructions)
  2. Mount the pedestal
  3. Mount the mailboxes on the pedestal with the help of a friend
  4. Contact the post office so they can install the master locks.