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How can my business accommodate so many packages?

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Perhaps you’re in charge of a large business that gets so much mail that sometimes, packages from the USPS need to be left in an unsecured reception area. Or perhaps you own a commercial building with multiple businesses, and several of them receive packages regularly. When you have centralized 4C mailboxes (horizontal or cluster) at least one parcel locker is required for every ten customer units. However, in some cases, this is not enough to handle all package delivery, as these types of mailboxes tend to work well for residential areas but may be insufficient for businesses.

Perhaps your mailboxes are serving fewer than ten customers and you have no parcel lockers at all. The same could apply if each business has a curbside mailbox, its own individual mailbox in front of its office, or mail slots. This could lead to packages being left in front of each business in the event that they’re closed at the time.

Businesses may find themselves having to pay someone to distribute packages to each customer after USPS delivery. To prevent package theft and save time, parcel lockers can be added to any existing setup.

Making Additions. Whether or not you have at least ten customer units, centralized or individual delivery, parcel lockers can be legally added to any setup. They come in a variety of sizes, and can come as single lockers or as a centralized delivery system consisting of several parcel lockers. Parcel lockers can be mounted alongside cluster mailboxes or beside wall-mounted, horizontal mailboxes. The USPS will deliver so long as the correct requirements are met, eliminating the time needed for an employee to hand deliver each package.

Different Sizes. Parcel locker sizes range and are large enough to handle small packages to large packages. The standard size is 15″ high, but others are available. The size each business will need will depend on the type of packages it normally receives.

Different Configurations. If space isn’t available for a centralized parcel locker system, or if only a few of your businesses or offices need regular package delivery, single or double parcel lockers can be purchased for those businesses.

USPS vs. Private Delivery. If you’re just looking to have an employee deliver to each business after USPS delivery, or if you can’t meet the USPS requirements for them to deliver, parcel lockers can be purchased for private delivery. This will still save your employees and business(es) time as package delivery will be in a centralized location.