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I’m Renovating My Apartment Complex. What Should I Do About the Mailboxes?

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Perhaps you need to replace some old mailboxes that are damaged in the process or you’re giving your apartment building or complex a new facelift. This may include replacing your mailboxes with the same type or purchasing new ones to comply with USPS regulations.

If you’re replacing old 4B vertical or horizontal mailboxes. These are mailboxes that as the name suggests, have vertical compartments (usually 5-10 per unit) or square-shaped compartments stacked on top of one another. These types of mailboxes no longer comply with the USPS 4C regulations, adopted in 2006.

Sometimes, when renovating, you’ll need to buy new 4C-compliant mailboxes, and other times, you can replace the old 4B mailboxes with the same type. See the below list of situations for the best course of action:

  • You’re simply replacing the mailboxes themselves and making no alterations to the area. In this case, all you need to do is order the exact type of mailboxes you’re replacing and make the switch. Be sure to let the postmaster know to ensure delivery can continue.
  • You’re only replacing the mailboxes but adding some new units to accommodate more tenants. In this case, you’ll need to upgrade to 4C units as you have made changes in your mailbox setup.
  • You’re replacing mailboxes, but altering the opening they’re recessed in. Or you’re switching from wall mount to recessed mailboxes. You’ll need to upgrade to the new 4C units in this case.
  • You’re installing brand new mailboxes. If you’re going to have USPS delivery, the new 4C mailboxes are required.
  • You’re replacing old 4B mailboxes and painting the wall or replacing carpet. As this does not alter the opening, number, or setup of the 4B mailboxes, you are free to simply replace them with the same type.